How to Use Micro-Influencers to Build Big Engagement

Barbara Rozgonyi, CEO at CoryWest Media, joins the Influence Pros Podcast to discuss merging a speaking career with being an influencer, relationship building, and the importance of local communities.

In This Episode:

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barbara-rozgonyi_instagramMaking and Keeping Friends

Most people are concerned with their social media follower count, but the fact is that it’s actually the engagement and not the number of followers that counts most. Engagement can also be harder to establish since it’s all about building relationships and growing your range of influence.

Barbara Rozgonyi is a huge fan of micro-influencers with niche communities and local engagement. She also predicts that the next wave of influencers might be professional speakers. In this episode, she reveals how to give influencers the information they need to do well and how influencer marketing might be just a little like Broadway.

CoreWest Media focuses on scalable content marketing plans, marketing audits, company-wide and personal Linkedin makeovers, customized in-person or virtual social media training, and event marketing strategies and production.

In This Episode

  • Why meeting face-to-face, even if by video, is key to building relationships
  • How to enlarge your community by leveraging micro-influencers
  • Why professional speakers are the next wave in influencer marketing
  • How to stay on the forefront and get your message out to your audience
  • Why it’s important to give your influencers the right information for maximum results


Quotes From This Episode

“Influencer marketing isn’t just for big brands. What I love are the micro-influencers and the local campaigns.” —@wiredprworks

“There is so much information out there that needs to be conveyed, but it’s also about exciting people to try new things.” —@wiredprworks

“If you don’t tell influencers what the real story is then sometimes they’re not going to get it right. I think more information is better than less.” —@wiredprworks

“It’s really about getting to know people and for brands who want to meet influencers and want long-term relationships, and I hope you do, then really meeting people face to face or even a web camera will give you some insights you just won’t get by talking in an email.” —@wiredprworks

“Some of these influencers may have a million followers, but how many of those followers are active?” —@wiredprworks

“What I’ve found as a speaker, is that meeting planners and people and in general are looking to go beyond the basics. They don’t what to know so how about how to do one two three. Now, they’re looking for more entertaining Ted-talk type approach.” —@wiredprworks

“It’s a range. Some people may have not much influence at all, and others of course, are highly influential. I wish more people would tap into their influence. What is the influence you bring? What do you want to convey? Once people really internalize that they are influential than it really empowers them.” —@wiredprworks

“What better influencer than a speaker?” —@wiredprworks



Would You Rather

Would you rather live in Narnia or go to school at Hogwarts?
I think I would have to go to school at Hogwarts, especially after going to the Harry Potter Adventure at Universal Studios. 

Would you rather be a character in the movie “Gone with the Wind” or the “Wizard of Oz”?
I love the Wizard of Oz.” I love “Gone with the Wind.” Actually, I did have a hoopskirt at one time. I did.

Would you rather stay forever at your current age or be 10 years younger?
I think I would go back in time 10 years. I don’t know that I’d really re-do anything, but that was a great time for my family. I have three kids and my husband, he’s a great guy. We’ve had so much fun in the last 10 years. Our youngest one will graduate from the University of Illinois in Chicago, in May. He already has a job, which is every parent’s dream. But just to relive those 10 years with everything that they did, that would be a big gift. I would love that.

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