Is Your Business Telling the Wrong Brand Story?

Kathy Klotz-Guest

Kathy Klotz-Guest, CEO of Keeping it Human, joins the Content Experience Show Podcast to discuss what businesses get wrong about building their brand story.

In This Episode:

Kathy Klotz-Guest

Keeping It Human

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Kathy Klotz-Guest

How to Start Telling a Truthful Brand Story

What story does your business tell about itself? How much (if at all) has that brand story changed since you first went into business, and how much have your employees’ and customers’ stories changed it?

According to storytelling strategist Kathy Klotz-Guest, too many businesses aren’t honest with themselves in their answers to these questions. Rather than embracing growth, confronting failure, and addressing what she calls “story gaps,” brands opt for a singular, static brand story. This refusal to treat brand storytelling as an evolving practice damages a business’s ability to connect with its audience.

The solution, Kathy explains, is allowing multiple brand stories to coexist. Your business is as complex and ever-changing as the people who run it—its storytelling should showcase that.

In This Episode

  • Why it’s okay if your brand story changes over time—and why it’s a cause for concern if it doesn’t.
  • The red flags that indicate you’re telling the wrong brand story.
  • Why businesses should share more stories about failure.
  • How to identify and fix “story gaps.”
  • The overlooked skills that will help your team start telling better stories.
  • Why Kathy left corporate marketing to become a storytelling strategist.

Quotes From This Episode

“How do we create a culture that understands storytelling so that everybody is headed the same direction?” – @kathyklotzguest

If you're selling a solution to a problem your customer doesn't have, you have a story gap. Click To Tweet

“Are we telling stories of rebirth, or hey, maybe a product failure? Maybe we released a product, and it didn’t do well, and maybe we have to tell the story to the market of what we learned from that failure.” – @kathyklotzguest


Content Experience Lightning Round

If you were to write another book, what genre would it be, and what would the narrative arc be?

Kathy would love to write a life skills book and see it illustrated like a graphic novel!

See you next week!

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