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Teamwork Is Project Management Paradise

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Few tools are as crucial to the Convince & Convert workflow as Teamwork, a project management powerhouse that’s transformed how we collaborate.

Teamwork - Episode ArtThis week on Marketing Marvels, I want to introduce you to a platform I use every day: Teamwork, a project management powerhouse that’s transformed how we collaborate at Convince & Convert. Here to walk us through how it all works is Katriona O’Mahony, Teamwork’s Product Marketing Manager.
As Katriona explains, there’s a lot of software out there helping marketers locate their audience, develop content, promote that content, and analyze their results. But very few tools are as effective as Teamwork at planning all that work and gathering it all in one place. Messaging, file storage, calendar management—it’s all laid out in one, sleek interface. This very episode, in fact, wouldn’t have been possible without help from Teamwork.
Join Katriona and me for a guided tour of Teamwork’s most impressive features, or try them out for yourself with 30-day trial of Teamwork Pro.

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