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How to Bring Profound Closeness to Virtual Teams With Sococo

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This week on Marketing Marvels, I want to introduce you to Sococo, a fantastic virtual office environment we use here Convince and Convert.

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This week on Marketing Marvels, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Sococo, the application we use most frequently here at Convince and Convert.
Sococo is a virtual office environment that lets distributed teams like mine feel like they’re in the same office together. Of all the applications we use at Convince and Convert (we have around 120 software licenses), Sococo is the one we use the most. It has quite literally changed the way we work, and Convince and Convert could not exist in its current form without Sococo.
Sococo allows team members to be in the office no matter where they are. They could be at the headquarters, a remote location, Starbucks, their home office — no matter the location, they’re always at the office with Sococo.
Here to walk us through how it all works is Mark Kirshbaum, Chairman & CEO of Sococo. I really love this software platform, and I’m thrilled that Mark is here to show it to you. Enjoy!


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