The Fall of Keywords and the Rise of Experience Optimization

Mike Templeman, Founder and CEO of Foxtail Marketing, joins the Content Pros Podcast to discuss the advantage of experience optimization and tailoring content to fit the reality of your customer’s behavior.

In This Episode:

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Mike Templeman - InstagramSearch Experience Optimization

As a full funnel agency, Foxtail Marketing is experienced at analyzing your entire customer’s journey and what needs to be delivered to them, when it should arrive, and in what format to optimize conversions. Taking into consideration that they have grown from two employees to over 60 in just under two years, it is clear they are very good at what they’re doing. It’s not that they are the most prolific content creators out there but it’s what they do with their (and their customer’s) content that sets them apart.

To sum it up nicely, data rules everything around.

Mike is a strong believer that everything is quantitative and data can measure anything. Even something as theoretical as customer experience can, and should, be analyzed and used to build organic growth. The days of SEO are over and we now sit squarely in the era of customer experience.

In This Episode

  • Why a perfectly optimized keyword doesn’t automatically mean a huge increase in sales
  • How a close review of your lead sources can lead to a complete reframing of your website focus
  • The necessary disappearance of your marketing secret sauce
  • Why quantifying experience means following the actions of your customers
  • How looking at bounce rate and pages per session leads to vital data for optimizing experience


Quotes From This Episode

“We look at the entire journey that a customer takes and what needs to be delivered to them in forms of content, social, email—whatever medium you may be using in order to get them to another stage in the funnel.” —@MikeTempleman1

“The funnel is a great framework and ensures that you’re not just marketing for the sake of marketing.” —@MikeTempleman1

“Tapping into a pre-existing audience can be done at any level.” —@MikeTempleman1

There are no secrets nowadays. People want to know what you’re going to do for them and how you’re going to do it.” —@MikeTempleman1

“We go after where our customers are and what they’re looking for.” —@MikeTempleman1

“Everything has become quantitative.” —@MikeTempleman1

“Optimizing for experience is finding where your customers are coming in, what questions they are asking, and how you can really solve that for them.” —@MikeTempleman1



What did you want to be when you grew up?

After having two separate dolphins in two different countries toss him a ball, Mike was convinced he was meant to be a marine biologist. Once he got to college and realized how much science it involved and how few marine biologists spend their days swimming with dolphins, he decided to take a more practical path of English and on to marketing.

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