Why the Best Marketing Campaigns Put Customer Experience First


As part of JetBlue’s mission to inspire humanity at every touch point, the company recently took a unique approach to activating an interactive storefront display in New York City. On the outside, people saw what looked like an interactive holographic display with options to learn more about JetBlue’s offerings with pre-recorded answers from a JetBlue crewmember.

However, once people started to interact with the display, a live “bait and switch” took place, with the crewmember responding to questions and posing some unique ones of her own all in real-time. Dubbed “A Better Wingman,” the experience was designed to showcase how JetBlue brings award-winning customer service to new heights.

The end results of JetBlue’s activation are pretty hilarious. As seen in the video, even though people realized this wasn’t an ordinary interactive display, many played along, even going to extreme lengths. Those patient enough to play along received free airline vouchers and a hug from the crewmember who came out from inside the display.

The display generated more than 2,600 unique participants over one weekend, and the video is currently at over 19,000 views on YouTube. The company partnered with both Pearl Media and Mullen Lowe U.S. as part of the activation.

JetBlue is also leveraging social media to extend this campaign around the hashtag #JetBlueWingman with additional content not featured in the initial video.

Ultimately, what makes this campaign so unique is how it speaks to the human experience. JetBlue is known for delivering incredible customer service and a lighthearted brand voice, both of which come to life in this activation. While the interactions were humorous, the company was also able to highlight core differentiators like extra legroom and unlimited snacks in a way that was uniquely JetBlue.

Now, more than ever, companies are defined by the customer experience they deliver at every touchpoint. JetBlue’s campaign is a great reminder that we should err on the side of humanity and go beyond simply marketing to creating amazing customer experiences.

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