How JetBlue Delivers Amazing Social Customer Service Working From Home

Laurie Meacham, Leader of the Social Media and Customer Commitment Team at JetBlue Airways, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss the pros and cons of a remote team as well as the importance of passion in customer support and curiosity in social media.

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Passion and Curiosity

Laurie Meacham oversees a team of about 90 crew members at JetBlue, including several who are fluent in Spanish, 25 dedicated to social, and the rest dedicated to email and other forms of customer communication. While her team is primarily reactive, they also work closely with the proactive marketing team to ensure that everyone is on the same page for promotions, initiatives, and social pushes.

With 25 people dedicated to social, JetBlue keeps 24/7 coverage on their Facebook and Twitter channels. Sometimes scheduling up to three or four people working on both channels at the same time, depending on things like weather forecast and marketing initiatives. Communication is streamlined through one Twitter handle, where they try to respond within 10 minutes. On JetBlue’s Facebook page, they shoot to respond within two to four hours.

Flight Etiquette 1The team is also used as a sort of focus group for various marketing ideas. They are the true “canaries in the coal mine” as they experience customer communications on the front line; their experience has been invaluable to provide insight to the marketing team. Ideas like the recent #FlightEtiquette video will be floated by some folks on the social media team to see what reactions they expect from customers. Not only that, but post-promo feedback is always collected to get that frontline insight of how things actually went.

Oh yes, and all 25 members of Laurie’s social team work from home, just like the rest of JetBlue’s customer support contact center. They make an effort to meet in person, be it for a potluck lunch or a “work-in-the-office-together day”, but otherwise everyone communicates electronically. Google Hangout has been a great way to keep connected when the teams needs some face time. Even though the team works remotely, they are all based in the same area, allowing a quarterly team meeting as well. This flexibility is a win-win, giving JetBlue the ability to tap into people who would not otherwise be willing or able to work for them.

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