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Are You Rushing to Be First or Trying to be Best

In this edition of the weekly Baer Facts video series with Kyle Lacy of ExactTarget, I talk about the relentless pace of “news” in the social media age, and the danger of valuing speed over accuracy.

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    It’s this whole concept of “iterative journalism” that has really lead to the decline of journalistic integrity.

    This jump to break news and react so quickly can really establish perceptions based on what people see first. In the book “Trust Me, I’m Lying” Ryan Holiday talks about how this itch to jump first is often manipulated, and how studies have shown that people will actually hold on to their initial beliefs, even after they’ve been proven wrong.

    I love what you say Jay about “Take time to contemplate” because 9 times out of 10 if you look just beyond the surface of what’s happening online, you’re going to find more truth. Be it a customer complaint, a news article, research, etc… when you actually take the time to process the information you just absorbed, you’ll probably find that MOST things aren’t as reactionary as everyone would like you to believe. We live in a world where everything is a call to action, and if you’re constantly reacting to every trigger, your brain and your bank account is going to burn out quickly.

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