Brand Haiku – Delta

Today, I’m participating in a project with 20+ other bloggers. Each of us is writing a haiku about a recent experience we’ve had with a brand.

Devised by the crafty Aaron Strout from Powered, this Brand Haiku initiative is set up so that you can link from here to the next blogger on the chain, and then from that blog to the next one, etc.

I’ve seen the previews, and there are some hilarious and awesome haikus out there. Check em out!

Brand Haiku – Delta

Why don’t more airlines
have in-air WiFi option
just like Delta does?

Bonus Brand Haiku – Machete

Watched “Machete”
Despite Jessica Alba
I wasted two hours

The next link in the Brand Haiku chain is Chris Carfi from Edelman Digital. Check out his effort right here.

You can play too! Leave your Brand Haiku in the comments. Best one wins a copy of my book – The Now Revolution Good luck!

(image by Shutterstock, a Convince & Convert sponsor)

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