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Turn the Tables on Social Media with NutshellMail

Keeping tabs on your social media connections these days is like bar hopping, without the cocktails or pool tables with stained felt.

You run over to check your Twitter account. Then you dash to Facebook to see what’s going on there. Then Linkedin. Maybe your blog. All the while you’re feeling like you’re playing catch-up, that something awesome may have happened, and you missed it because you weren’t online. Sound familiar?

Sure, you can centralize some of your social media chores (great post by Chris Brogan), by using Tweetdeck or Seesmic. But that only helps if you’re online and “in the flow.”

For normal humans that check social media a couple times a day, NutshellMail may become your new favorite social companion. And it’s free.

Like RSS for your relationships

NutshellMail sends you a highly customizable email digest (from 1 to 24 times per day) of what’s happening in your social media spheres, so you can browse and get up to speed quickly, without having to visit several different destinations or fire up your iPhone’s social apps.

Twitter Without the Hassle

Want to know who has signed up to follow you on Twitter today? Who unfollowed you today? All the DMs and @ replies you received in the last three hours? NutshellMail batches it all up and sends it to you in a tidy email at the exact time of your choosing. You can even include Twitter searches in your feed, enabling you to use NutshellMail the same way you’d use TweetBeep, or an RSS feed of Twitter search results.

Handy Facebook Reminders

It’s pretty tough to find a credible excuse for missing people’s birthdays on Facebook. NutshellMail saves you from being labeled an ingrate by reminding you of all the birthdays of your Facebook friends this week. The email also can be configured to show you all new friend requests, status updates from pages that you’re a fan of, as well as photos, videos and links from your friends. Plus, event invites, and photos in which you’re tagged.

And More…

Although I’m not using it presently, you can also configure your NutshellMail to include Linkedin and MySpace content, as well as updates from the Ning groups of which you are a member.

Also, if you have several different email accounts, you can use NutshellMail to automatically combine the emails sent to your secondary and tertiary accounts and forward them together to your primary account.

All the content shown in each email is clickable. So, if you want to see more about a new Twitter follower, you can simply click the name or photo in the email, and instantly visit their bio. You can also manage your customization preferences by clicking links in the email, so visiting the NutshellMail Web site isn’t needed after initial sign-up.

Social Integration in an Instant

One of the outstanding new add-on features of NutshellMail is their Facebook app, which enables Facebook fan page managers to easily add an email newsletter tab to the page. Subscribers then receive a digest of all the content posted to the fan page. I’ve been talking a lot about the integration of email and social media, and this is another example of using cross-functional technology to build content creation and deployment synergies. Note that NutshellMail is funded in part by FBFund, Facebook’s venture capital arm.

Here’s a nice video demonstration of NutshellMail and how it can save you time and social media aggravation.

I’ve been using NutshellMail for a few weeks now, and find it indispensible. (Thanks to my friend Will Smith – the world’s second most popular Will Smith – for turning me on to it).

How can you make use of NutshellMail to simplify your social media chores?

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  1. says

    I too set up NutShellMail and even added a tab for it on one of our Facebook fan pages. However, I found the default content excessive and the reaction of fans not favorable. Personally, I did not find it helpful, although the concept holds promise.

  2. kahuna7 says

    FYI, Jay, I shared your post on my blog yet again. I'm also now using NutshellMail because of your blog! Continue to post awesome-ness.

  3. says

    Jay – As Brittany would say (minus the oops)…you did it again. I just set up my account and am digging in. Hey – is there better way to spend a Friday evening when my wife is out of town? Beer and NutshellMail.

    I currently set up the email alerts to be sent every 4 hours – 6AM, 10AM, 2PM & 6PM. Ill see if this cadence works. Also, toying with the amount and type of content I want to be alerted about. I'm taking some of your suggestions above and tailoring to what I *think* will work best for my personal needs. As I am starting to preach more and more in email marketing – there is no such thing as best practices, only practices that are best for YOU.

    Thanks for not only making people aware of this with your post, but also doing some of the leg work.

    Rock on.

    DJ Waldow
    Director of Community, Blue Sky Factory

  4. SYNERGY4 says

    Hi Jay,
    It's 3.15 in the morning here in Holland and I can't what do you do? Exactly you browse your Social Media;) Via the blog of Junta42 I came on your blog and the first I read was NutshellMail. It seemed worthwhile trying and I registered. In the meantime I have received my first mail and especially the Twitter search I found handy. Will try it more intensively the coming days, and I will let you know what I think of Nutshellmail in practice.
    Thanks for tip, try to get to sleep now…


    Mark van Horik

  5. sue_anne says

    You're a pretty heavy Twitter user, so I'm curious to know if you think it catches everything? I set mine up a couple of months ago and originally had it set to every hour. But, I found that it missed any tweets sent between :55 and :05 of every hour and also had a message limit.

  6. says

    I've been using Nutshell Mail for a while now too and it's particularly useful when you have multiple accounts and you need to send reports of what's going on on all these networks. Love it!

  7. says

    Jay, this sounds most interesting. Will give it a whirl and see how it pans out for me. The bigger the following gets, the faster the stream and I find I am missing info from my fave folks. Perhaps this is the tool missing from my belt!
    Thanks a bunch for the info!

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