How Kellogg Delights Fans by Telling Bigger Social Stories

Rick Wion, Senior Director of Consumer Engagement at The Kellogg Company, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss the power of corporate channels that focus on the bigger picture.

In This Episode:

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Stories Create Engagement

If a corporation has social channels for their individual brands, it’s easy to assume that the overall story of the company is covered. But what about the bigger picture of what the company is doing? Who tells the stories that bind the brands together?

In Rick’s experience, this is where the power of corporate social channels shine through. By sharing the corporation’s history, activities, and interests, it can connect with consumers on a more personal level that will draw them in to engage with more brands under the company’s umbrella.

These larger-scale stories are also opportunities for a corporation to craft an identity that will trickle down throughout the organization and influence consumers’ opinion of each brand. In a real-life representation of “what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander,” corporate social done well can positively impact all its brands with a single campaign.

Rick’s time spent managing consumer engagement for a company as large as Kellogg has provided him valuable insight into how to successfully establish corporate social channels that convince and convert.

In This Episode

  • How a corporate social channel leads to telling stories that cross brand lines
  • Why measuring consumer engagement means different metrics for social versus the website
  • Why the best type of engagement leads to questions from consumers
  • How Instagram leads to a new level of content from and to consumers
  • Why the ubiquity of social means a change in the meaning of “social pro”


Quotes From This Episode

“There are so many brands and so many different opportunities with different social media platforms that to do everything on every one for every brand would be too much and not worth it.” —@rdublife

“Brands have brand channels, but there wasn’t a corporate channel to tell these stories.” —@rdublife

“Social media is a space for engagement.” —@rdublife

“We don’t get as many people coming to the website as we do engaging on social. That’s just a fact of life.” —@rdublife

“We look at the measurement of how many questions we have received as a key metric.” —@rdublife

Instagram is a wonderful monster in terms of the stories it produces and the ability to connect with consumers.” —@rdublife

“The connection between people eating food and wanting to take pictures and share that food is not a trend; it’s a way of being.” —@rdublife

“It’s not about the destination of a website; it‘s about how people connect.” —@rdublife



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