What Sleeping Beauty Learned About Corporate Podcasting

Salesforce’s Joel Book, Senior Director of Digital Marketing Insight, and Heike Young, Content Innovation Lead, join the Social Pros Podcast to discuss podcasting’s vital and accessible role in social content distribution.

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Selling Through Podcasting

In the world of content marketing, creating the content is only half the battle. Distributing it across social channels makes up the other half and, without the proper distribution plan, it can be quite the uphill battle.

Podcasting is an accessible way for businesses of any size to get their content out effectively on social. It’s budget-friendly and relatively simple to set up. With the right integration, it can be an impactful tool to boost your content and social channel exposure.

However, just because you can podcast, doesn’t mean you should. “Easy to do” doesn’t equate to “little planning required.” A successful podcasting platform requires strategy to ensure it stays relevant, interesting, and educational for your audience. Otherwise, it’s just more online noise and will do little for your content.

Approaching it as a platform that is both internal and external facing amplifies your podcast’s impact by tapping into employee advocacy and engagement. A podcast audience should not be limited to customers as employees can be your best distribution channel.

Ultimately, a properly strategized, integrated, and supported podcast can be the tool that takes your social content to the next level.

In This Episode

  • How a podcasting business plan leads to C-suite buy-in and support
  • Why successful content distribution and podcast success means a focus on employee advocacy
  • How a focus on serving and helping leads to rapid and expansive success in selling
  • Why the key to being an impactful marketer in today’s market means reaching across and participating in cross-organizational collaboration


Quotes From This Episode

“If you’re going to be very successful in engaging and serving customers you have to be able to cover all of the different bases or channels through which customers find their way to your brand.” —@joelbook

“We try to make our customers much wiser and more aware of what is happening and what the winners are doing.” —@joelbook

Everything is going to this Netflixable, bingeable type of content consumption and everything has to be accessible on mobile.” —@YoungHeike

“Podcasting is a super budget-friendly way to get content out into the world.” —@YoungHeike

Internal marketing is one of the most important facets of our strategy.” —@YoungHeike

“Employee advocacy is a huge part of our marketing strategy.” —@YoungHeike

“When you look at how marketing, sales, service are all converging as business functions… the job has gotten harder.” —@joelbook

“Technology is evolving how people listen to podcasts.” —@adamcb

“Just because lots of other people are doing it is a really bad reason to do anything because the world doesn’t need just another podcast that is going to fizzle out after ten episodes.” —@YoungHeike

“Storytelling is a key part of what I do.” —@joelbook

Serving has become the new selling.” —@joelbook

“Today all marketing is direct marketing.” —@joelbook

“Today’s generation of marketers is looking for leadership to know what to do and how to do it well because they are now expected to be masters of multiple channels instead of one.” —@joelbook

“As you’re thinking about building your digital marketing house, get your foundation right.” —@joelbook



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