Bon Appétit Magazine Tastes Envelope Glue In Preparation for Tax Day

badge-image-of-the-weekFile this one under, “oh no they didn’t!”

In preparation for the dreaded Tax Day, several intrepid Bon Appétit reporters took one for the team by taste testing and ranking the best and worst envelope glue. And yes – there’s proof. Just check the @bonappetitmag Instagram account.

Bon Appetit Instagram Social Image of the Week

In a sea of crave-inducing food photos, this post is unique because it’s unexpected. There are two lessons to be learned here – be timely and don’t be afraid to have a little fun with day-to-day content.

Though it’s doubtful that food enthusiasts truly seek out the best-tasting envelope glue, this Instagram post and accompanying article are both fun-spirited. Tax Day is inarguably an important deadline on people’s minds, and not always for happy reasons. By taking a fun and irreverent approach to Tax Day, Bon Appétit gave their followers something to chuckle about.

While it would be stronger if links worked on Instagram, the article is hilarious and worth a read. The descriptors are so humorous that a custom hashtag could have been developed with a call to action in the days leading up to Tax Day to bring their community into the fun. Then again, Bon Appétit may have more delicious priorities, like whipping up six-second breakfast recipes on Vine.

When was the last time you tried something new and had a little fun with your social media content?

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