How to Put the Customer First With Human Marketing

How to Put the Customer First With Human Marketing

The best stories are often deeply personal.

This sentiment is exemplified in KLM’s new “Cover Greetings” video. Filmed at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, the video showcases how KLM surprised passengers with something special and unexpected – handwritten messages from loved ones.

While it’s such a simple concept, the video is both powerful and moving. It brings to life how it’s the little things that touch our heart.

From a marketing perspective, it allows KLM to tell the story of how it values the consumer experience. Surprising passengers with a unique, personalized experience results in a once-in-a-lifetime memory. Even if you weren’t on the plane, watching the passengers discover their special handwritten messages is just as moving.

As marketers, we’re often focused on the campaign, the sell or the advertisement, however, this video is a valuable reminder that we need to focus on what’s important – the customer.

Creating remarkable experiences and lasting memories is what truly inspires long-term brand love.

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