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    I did the social strategy and website for recent Scottsdale City Council person Virginia Korte. She was elected this past November. We wanted to try some things like this but a lot of what we were able to do was driven by the demographics of the voter block. Scottsdale is an at large election unlike Phoenix who has districts. So we had to be a little more broad. But this is such a great idea. Thanks for the post.

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    Great stuff. I have recommended similar courses of action for statewide candidates here in Missouri, even doing it on a limited basis. Helps to create conversations, anticipation, and the common man/woman appeal many are looking for. Of course, they have to be genuine about it! Keep up the good work Jay…

  3. Eric Koby says

    Justin Johnson is a smart man. By crowdsourcing his event locations, he not only gets social – he proves his support for local businesses. That’s a highly integrated campaign if I’ve ever seen one.

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