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Why Social Success is No Accident

If you read Convince & Convert on even an occasional basis, you know that I’m firmly in the social integration camp. You need to focus on how to “be” social as a company, and worry less about how to “do” social. This is because social touches do not occur in isolation.

I’ve seen a LOT of teeth gnashing lately about online influence, and Klout, and the paucity of clicks that most social updates generate. But the reality is that your social success is inextricably tied to the totality of the experiences your customers have with your company. You know what would get people to click your crap more? Answering your phone. You know what would get more people to “like” your Facebook page? Having a front desk guy who’s not a total a-hole.

Never forget that in almost every case, people experience your company in the “real world” first, and then decide whether (or how much) to interact with you in the virtual world.

Social media success is a byproduct of being a good company.

Do you disagree? Leave a comment if you know of a company that’s very effective socially but isn’t really a good company on the operations or customer service side.┬áMaybe I’m wrong?