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How to Know When to Promote a Facebook Post

Jay Baer Blog PostSocial media has never been inexpensive, just different expensive. But now, the last vestiges of false assumptions about the true cost of social marketing are being wiped away. Facebook’s changes to EdgeRank essentially require that Pages pay a fee to reach more than 15 out of every 100 of their fans. How long until Twitter follows?

If you ‘re at all serious about social marketing, and don’t have a line item budget for promoting Facebook posts in 2013, you need to add it today.

How much should you budget? Impossible for me to estimate, because fees charged by Facebook for Promoted Posts are pegged to your fan count, and range from $10 to $1,000 or more, per post.

When Do You Promote a Facebook Post?

But what I can help you with is how to decide what posts to promote on Facebook. At Convince & Convert, we use a double-down approach, and promote (we call it STIR) Facebook posts when they show early viral promise. But there are other factors you should consider before clicking “promote” and charging your credit card. Will the post still be valid in a few days (it can take Facebook a while to show it)? Is it meaningful enough to your business to promote it?

Here’s our handy guide with a four-part decision process.

When do you promote a facebook post
When Do You Promote a Facebook Post? (click for downloadable version)

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    • Nina Bell says

      I paid to promote my short film to get more views…and ironically, I have NEVER had only 3 likes on anything till now…the first time I’ve decided to pay for a promotion…what’s going on here?? if the 6 hour wait is the reason this option is so lame, why don’t they tell you what to do and how long to wait or whatever before you pay???? very disappointed right now, how can I make it work??

  1. tariqxs says

    Great Tip. shouldn’t the engagement rate be calculated with the existing reach of the post rather than fans of the page?

  2. says

    Great advice and I love the STIR info.

    Do you really feel that Twitter will be following suit with how many see your tweets? The cost of social media might be changing quite a bit.

  3. says

    I agree that twitter will implement similar changes. It’s an easy argument for them. They just have to claim that people are getting too many tweets and they have implemented a system to help you find the most relevant tweets. The next stage 6 months later is charging to make sure your tweets are in the selected few!

  4. says

    It is only a matter of time when Twitter will follow Facebook with paying for better reach. However, I do like the STIR very much. I think this should be a rule every Facebook Page admin should stick. Thanks for bringing that up.

  5. says

    Identifying great content worth promoting based on how an audience/following or fan base reacts puts some science behind the reasoning for selecting one post over another. As a manual process I really like the way your formula helps page admins with this.

  6. says

    I have noticed Facebook has slowed down the rate at which they feed promoted posts into the content stream. A few months ago, a promoted could take three days, it now seems the the post is parsed out over five days or longer. It changes the strategy a bit.

  7. Maria Janak says

    I promoted my page thinking it will go live as soon as promoted but it seems that Facebook needs to review it first and as you suggested would take time but I wasn’t aware of this before promoting. :(

  8. Ferb Huynh says

    I love this post alot I was promote my post right after I hit the Post button. But another problem is that, Can people see that the post is promoting? And I feel embarrassing letting people see a post on my page is being promoting. Thank you – Ferb

  9. says

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