Quality Over Quantity 99% of the Time


Jason Falls is the Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy (& Director of Bourbon Integration) at Elasticity, a digital marketing and public relations firm. Think digital-era Don Draper (especially with the bourbon). Jason produces a ton of content, not only for clients, but he also has two books of his own.

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The Power of Authenticity

When you’re authentic, you’re true to yourself. When your brand is authentic, it is true to its mission and purpose. The power in authenticity, whether in your brand or person, is that it leaves no questions unanswered. People know where you stand, what you’re made of and what is important to you. Authenticity helps you […]

Social Pros 14 – Jason Falls, Social Media Explorer

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This is Episode 14 of the Social Pros Podcast : Real People Doing Real Work in Social Media. This episode features Jason Falls, the founder and principal of Social Media Explorer. Read on for insights from Jason, and more information about his Explore conferences that are happening around the country. Listen Now Click the play […]

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Klout and the Reality of Return on Influence


Video production by my friends at Candidio. Fast, inexpensive, great service. (Abbreviated transcript below. Please watch video for entire interview.) Jay: Welcome, everybody. It’s Jay Baer at Convince & Convert, joined today by a very special guest, my good friend Mark W. Schaefer. Mr. Schaefer, how are you, good sir? Mark: I could not be […]

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10 Social Media Pros Pick Their Favorite iPad Case


Given the extraordinary buffet of technology and tech-related options and alternatives available to us, it fascinates me to learn what people I know and trust use on a day-to-day basis. In this, the debut edition of What The Pros Use, I polled a group of social business and content geniuses to determine what they use […]

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Jason Falls – The Twitter 20 Interview about Social Media and Public Relations


Featuring Jason Falls, the head of social media at branding agency Doe-Anderson, author of the Social Media Explorer blog, and all-around social media nice guy genius. Jason submitted himself to the rigors of the Twitter 20 interview (20 questions live on Twitter) on November 14, 2008. Excellent questions and comments from viewers throughout, too. Thanks to […]