3 Big Things You Can Do Right Now to Jumpstart Your Business

John Jantsch, Founder and President of Duct Tape Marketing, joins the Business of Story Podcast to discuss strategies behind getting your story heard, finding your brand’s uniqueness, and marrying social advertising with great content.

In This Episode:

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john-jantsch_instagramDo Less to Achieve More

It’s difficult to fight against the pressure to have an online presence everywhere, but trying to be everywhere at once can spread your efforts too thin for effective results. Instead, it’s wise to take the time to polish your content and proceed with a well-conceived strategy one step at a time. After you have the content and bigger picture plan in place, the channel that is most right for you will present itself and your brand story will be better heard.

John Jantsch has dedicated his life to helping small businesses hone in on their stories and maximize how they get their message heard by making what already exists work better.

John discusses why he chose to only work with small business owners, the complications of buying marketing advice, how to reach out to customers for important feedback, why it’s important to reinvigorate existing consumers, and most importantly, why doing less equals more.

In This Episode

  • Why it pays to focus your energies and do one thing at a time
  • How to interview your customers to find your unique value proposition
  • Why it’s key to reach out and reactivate your existing consumer base
  • How to ask the right questions to get answers and improve your brand story
  • Why social is a great opportunity, but only if used with quality content
  • How to pick channels that are right for your particular marketing strategy


Quotes From This Episode

“The channels chose themselves based on your strategy.”  —@ducttape

“The siren call of all the next new things is really loud. People feel relief when I come in say: no, we’re going to do less.” —@ducttape

“Facebook advertising holds one of the greatest opportunities we’ve had in a long time as long as you understand that you must marry it with great content.” —@ducttape

“One of the secret weapons we use, and it’s effective 99% of the time, is to actually sit down individually with 5-10 of their existing ideal clients and just ask them a series of questions.” —@ducttape

“The greatest source of stress, quite frankly, is that people feel like they are missing out if they are not everywhere.” —@ducttape

“The number one way for me to jump start a business is to reach out to their existing or past customers and figure out how I could do something more with them and reactive them.” —@ducttape

“We get tired of stuff. We want the new magic bullet.” —@ducttape

“I have to respect who I work with. I have to share values with who I work with. And that’s why I focus on working with small businesses.” —@ducttape


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