How to Call Your Audience to Action Through Storytelling

Joel Bach, Co-Creator and Executive Producer of Years Living Dangerously, joins the Business of Story Podcast to talk about documentary filmmaking, great characters, and how to call audiences to action through compelling stories.

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Creating Compelling Calls-to-Action

How do you stay relevant in an ever-changing world? How do you create such riveting stories that your audiences are compelled to change their lives?

Joel Bach is documentary television producer with years of experience crafting stories with the explicit mission to create positive change in the world. Joel believes that the key to engaging audiences is using carefully chosen hosts, high stakes, and accessible characters.

Joel will talk about the art of creating compelling characters, the usefulness of uncertain outcomes, the challenges of documentary filmmaking, and how to inspire your audience to action.

In This Episode

  • Why compelling stories start with engaging characters
  • How to use celebrities for education and entertainment
  • Why it’s key to create high stakes for your story
  • How to enhance your brand story by clarifying your theme
  • Why social media is an important part of being heard
  • How to keep your audience on their toes with uncertain outcomes


Quotes From This Episode 

“You can throw a zillion facts at someone, and it’s likely they won’t remember too many of them. If you tell them a compelling story, it will stick to their ribs.” —@bachchoy

“The audience lives vicariously through our characters and our cast members.” —@bachchoy Click To Tweet

“It’s not meant to be a series of interviews, so much as it is conversations and a journey. David Letterman goes to India; he’d never been to India. He didn’t know anything about solar in India or climate change in India, and by the end of the story, he now knows something about what’s going on there. I think what’s cool is that it’s genuine, it’s a real journey for these people.” @bachchoy

“We’re planning to do a third season, but in the interim what we’re going to do is we’re going to make a whole lot of noise on social media. We’re going to basically focus our efforts right now on short-form storytelling on climate change. Taking the stories that we have done in Season One and Two and repurposing them into the short-form videos that we can blast out onto the web.” @bachchoy

“A great story always has to have a great character or great characters. To do a story on an issue where you just interview a bunch of people and have them opine about whatever they feel about that issue doesn’t make for a good story.” —@bachchoy

“You get a compelling narrative that has an impact on the audience whether the characters within it do what you hope or expect them to do.” —@bachchoy



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