How to Bring Adventure To Your Brand Through Storytelling

Nick Gray, Founder of Museum Hack, joins the Business of Story Podcast to discuss the three ‘G’s he uses to measure success, how to connect with millennials, and how to use story to brighten your customer’s experience.

In This Episode:

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Not Your Average Experience

Want to know a secret?

Everyone enjoys a juicy back story. Presenting the history of your brand in a fun and unusual way will help you connect with younger generations and allow for fuller engagement with your brand.

Nick Gray loves making potentially bland museum tours into adventurous romps with innovative practices and high audience participation. All of his tactics can be applied to your business, which will encourage your consumers to engage with your brand in new and exciting ways.

Nick shares how he accidentally started a successful business, the art of creating space for your audience to interact and engage, ways to create adventurous experiences that sell your brand and enhance your storytelling, and how to take your office tour from drab to fab.

In This Episode

  • Why you have to upset the status quo to get the attention of your consumer
  • How to create a story narrative that is fun and inventive
  • Why it pays to focus on the entire customer experience
  • How to connect with younger generations in a more powerful way
  • Why it’s so important to evolve your storytelling constantly
  • How engaging with your audience encourages them to be active participants in your story


Quotes From This Episode

“We don’t think of ourselves as breaking the rules, but we’re breaking traditions.” @nickgraynews

“Many people are looking for new ways to connect with Millennials, and they want something that matters.” @nickgraynews

“There are three main things that we do that I believe make our tours very different from other museum tours. It comes down to guides, games, and gossip.” @nickgraynews

“I’m a part of this ADD generation that’s always checking my smartphone, very short attention span, wanting things to move very quickly. Our tours are two to three times as fast as most museum tours, and that’s very helpful for us to keep people engaged and entertained.”  @nickgraynews

“When I say gossip, what I mean is the juicy back stories. I mean how much these paintings cost when the museum purchased them. I want to know who did they buy it from, what were the trading details of that. I want to know was this artist a drunkard, was this artist in love with this other artist. It’s those stories that we’ve found that our audiences really like and appreciate, that makes it more accessible.” @nickgraynews

“I think that having fun at the museum is first and foremost for Museum Hack.” @nickgraynews

“We’re not trying to be an education product. We think we’re laser focused towards creating an awesome experience.@nickgraynews

“Think about how many people come visit your office, and you give them a little tour. We are able to strategically plant easy to tell stories along the tour that lay down a foundation for the message you want to communicate.” @nickgraynews


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