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Brian Fanzo, Partner and Chief Digital Strategist at BroadSuite, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss the delicate balance between a company and personal brand, the work it takes to become a thought leader, and the rise of some exciting social media trends.

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A Passion for Change

Brian Fanzo partnered with Daniel Newman halfway through 2014 to continue to build what Daniel had started as BroadSuite Consulting. Brian’s focus is on the media group side, working with a lot of enterprise and mid-market technology brands. Brian’s background is in technology, so a large part of what he does is help brands embrace social media technology.

Brian is also known for his personal brand, iSocialFanz. He can be found co-hosting Twitter and Google Hangouts, like Social Business Hour and Cloud Talk, as well as his podcast.

SMAC TalkBrian doesn’t find it difficult to balance his company work with his personal brand. To him, “If you’re working for a brand that you love, and that also loves you, the idea of growing your personal brand and also linking that to the business needs can be very successful.”

It can be challenging, but Brian finds a balance that works.

Brian not only produces his own content, but curates other people’s content that he agrees with or finds value in. By curating content he stands behind, he has the opportunity to align himself with others’ philosophies while telling his own story around that content.

From a strategic relationship-building standpoint, he specifically reaches out to help those he has aligned (say, with a book launch), because the more he helps them out, the more his audience will embrace their philosophy and in turn understand what he’s about.

“There is no shortcut to building those relationships, and there’s definitely not a shortcut in becoming a thought leader.”

Brian has a background is in computer science and cyber security. He has worked for UPS and even played amateur poker full-time at one point. Through his varied experiences, he learned that his true passion is change.

I love teaching people how to embrace change. I love learning how others change and adapt.”

Social media and technology are Brian’s two favorite things. The changes in those fields are happening at a pace we’ve never seen before. He loves having his finger on the pulse of those changes, and gets fired up about trends as he sees them emerge.

One trend Brian is excited to see is brands truly connecting with their communities. Content marketing is forcing brands to really check in with their customers, and social media is making it possible. Because how can you create content that really helps your community solve problems without first asking them, “How are you doing? What do you need?”

Brands are also starting to recognize the power of the influencer. They are starting to realize that influencers are more valuable to their community because of their relationships. “It’s not someone that’s influential because they’re on TV. It’s because that influence is directly tied to that community. They have relationships.”

With these trends providing true value on social media, “we’re going back to that element of being social on social, rather than using social media as strictly a communication channel.” 

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See you next week!

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