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Four Steps for Dealing With Customer Reviews Like a Pro

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Welcome to Experience This! where you’ll find inspiring examples of customer experience, great stories of customer service, and tips on how to make your customers love you even more. Always upbeat and definitely entertaining, customer retention expert Joey Coleman and social media expert Dan Gingiss serve as your hosts for a weekly dose of positive customer experience. This show will help you attract and keep more customers so you can grow your business, increase your profits, and have more fun in the process. A fun collection of quick-hit segments filled with deep learning and takeaways, you don’t want to miss this audio experience!

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Love these characters! Joey and Dan break down the customer experience, uh, experience, in a fun way.

by Brief is the New Black

Such a great pair! I have followed both of these guys online for a while and was stoked that they teamed up for a podcast. The podcast is super easy to listen to and provides a lot of insight that is actionable for my work. Excited for what is to come. Thanks Joey and Dan!


The best way to get and respond to customer reviews, unexpected CX when your car breaks down on a road trip, and the good and bad aspects of moving.

Four Steps for Dealing With Customer Reviews Like a Pro

Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode:

  • How to handle customer reviews like a pro.
  • A road trip horror story turns into a remarkable customer experience.
  • The highs and lows of moving.
  • Why there’s room for growth in B2B digital buying channels.

CX PRESS: Using Reviews to Create Customers [01:02–08:52]

This week’s article comes from John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing, “How to Use Reviews to Turn Your Clients’ Local Searchers Into Customers.” John goes into some important statistics about reviews from a recent survey and then shares his four-step process for dealing with customer reviews like a pro. (We’ve got those steps below in the takeaways.)

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91% of people read online reviews. #CX Click To Tweet
84% of people trust online reviews as much as friends. #CX Click To Tweet
68% of people form an opinion after reading between 1 and 6 online reviews. #CX Click To Tweet
If they’ve taken the time to write a review, the least you can do is apologize. @thejoeycoleman #CX Click To Tweet


  • Start with a stellar customer experience—if it’s not great, you’ll never get the customer reviews you want.
  • Make asking for customer reviews a regular part of your business operations.
  • Reply to all of your reviews, the positive and the negative.
  • Use customer reviews in your marketing materials.

THIS JUST HAPPENED: Broken Down, Out of Town [08:52–19:23]

When Joey was on a road trip, he got the dreaded Engine Out and Transmission Fail indicator lights, stranding him 100 miles away from the closest Land Rover dealership. First, his home repair shop helped him out by diagnosing the problem over the phone. Then, the dealership technician went the extra mile to make his customer experience memorable.

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The dealership kept me informed via text message of everything they discovered throughout the day. #CX @thejoeycoleman Click To Tweet
What blew my mind was that a few days later, I got a text from the dealership asking me how my drive home to Colorado was. #CX. @thejoeycoleman Click To Tweet
Help even if you’re not going to get the business. #CX Click To Tweet
Run through the tape and finish the customer interaction strong with a personal touch. #CX @thejoeycoleman Click To Tweet


  • Help even if you’re not going to get the business.
  • Make room for exceptions—if you can take care of last-minute, emergency customers, they will love you forever.
  • A personal touch after the transaction is complete is an incredible way to end the relationship on a high note.

LOVE IT/CAN’T STAND IT: Moving Companies [19:23–30:34]

Joey is moving to Boulder, Colorado, about an hour away from where he currently lives. We talk about the highs and lows of moving, and how moving companies can make the difference in the customer experience.

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I love it when the moving company lets you do a quote online because it allows for great self-service. #CX @dgingiss Click To Tweet
I always admire the fact that different people have different skills—it’s impressive to watch someone who is great at what they do. #CX @dgingiss Click To Tweet
Movers are catching you at a high-stress, high-emotion space, so if they don’t do a great job, they miss out on referrals. #CX @thejoeycoleman Click To Tweet


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CHECK OUT THIS NUMBER: 73% and 11% [30:36–33:18]

73% of B2B buyers use digital channels regularly in their lives, but only 11% prefer the digital buying channel. That means there’s major room for improvement in B2B digital because buyers are already familiar with it from their day-to-day lives.

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73% of B2B buyers use digital channels regularly in their lives, but only 11% prefer the digital buying channel. #CX Click To Tweet
There’s a huge demand for improving the digital experience when it comes to B2B purchasing. #CX Click To Tweet


  • People prefer digital channels in their everyday lives, but the B2B digital experience is lagging behind.
  • There’s major room for improvement with the digital experience when it comes to B2B purchasing.

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