How Hulu Uses Social Media to Create Massive Brand Chatter

How Hulu Uses Social Media to Create Massive Brand Chatter

Tatiana Holifield, Head of Brand Social at Hulu, is on the Social Pros Podcast to talk about generating buzz and chatter on social media.

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Creating Buzz in the TV WorldHow Hulu Uses Social Media to Create Massive Brand Chatter

Tatiana Holifield, Head of Brand Social at Hulu, discusses how the Hulu team creates content that gets people talking on social media.

With a lot of competition, standing out can be a challenge, even for big names like Hulu. Tatiana takes us behind the scenes to look at the strategies that make Hulu’s social content so effective.

Tatiana talks about generating conversation, interacting with influencers, collaborating with different stakeholders, and also looking at what analytics can tell us.

She explains the strategy behind promoting new shows and why Reddit is one of the most valuable platforms to use to tap into conversations about TV shows.

In This Episode:

  • 7:55 – How Tatiana describes Hulu’s “value proposition”
  • 10:09 – How Hulu’s social team collaborates with third-party producers
  • 14:49 – The struggles of coordinating and planning campaigns in social media
  • 17:46 – Why trust is so important when collaborating with stakeholders
  • 19:42 – How Tatiana plans content for different partners with very different needs
  • 22:15 – Why TV partners prioritize mentions on social media as their primary metric
  • 26:10 – How the Hulu team uses social listening to stay on top of the trends
  • 30:50 – The strategies for dealing with passionate and loyal fanbases
  • 34:31 – Why Reddit is a key platform in the TV world
  • 45:05 – Tatiana’s one top tip for those thinking of becoming a social pro

Quotes From This Episode:

We are using all types of tools to really analyze our audience, analyze our content, performance, social listening, and really trying to learn to be better about anticipating what our audience wants. Click To Tweet

“Conversations in TV are starting on Reddit. If people are looking for content, or they’re discovering content, or if they’re having conversations about particular types of content, they usually start on Reddit.”

“When listening to those audiences and analyzing the sentiment around the topics that are bubbling up, we have to go back to the DNA of our brand.”


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