How Instagram Tactics Change but Strategies Stay the Same

How Instagram Tactics Change but Strategies Stay the Same

Jenn Herman, Instagram Expert from Jenn’s Trends, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss how Instagram’s core strategies have not changed in years and what businesses can do to grow their accounts.

In This Episode:

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Instagram’s core strategies haven’t changedHow Instagram Tactics Change but Strategies Stay the Same

Since its launch back in 2010, Instagram has continued to reign as one of the most popular social media platforms of all time. One billion people use Instagram each month, and although the platform often releases new features, it has stayed very true to its origins.

Instagram is about so much more than sharing photos and videos with friends and family. It has become a vital tool for businesses that leverage Instagram’s features to reach new audiences and engage with existing customers.

Jenn Herman is an Instagram Expert and the world’s forefront blogger on Instagram marketing. She claims that although small things have changed (the introduction of Instagram Reels, for example), the platform’s core strategies have not changed in years. You can still use the same core strategies to help grow your account and gain a following.

In This Episode:

  • 03:24 – How Jenn helped write “The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing”
  • 05:41 – How Instagram’s core strategies have not changed in years
  • 07:06 – Why you shouldn’t post TikTok content on Instagram Reels
  • 10:41 – How to create authentic reels
  • 13:25 – Whether it’s time for brands to post more light-hearted content
  • 16:09 – Why TikTok and Instagram usage has increased during the pandemic
  • 22:23 – How Jenn and her co-writers wrote their book virtually and how they segmented topics
  • 29:15 – How to keep a book about social media marketing relevant and up-to-date

Quotes From This Episode:

“Instagram hasn’t changed… most of its core strategies have not changed in years”

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