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Social Pros Podcast with Rob Zaleski

Rob Zaleski, Marketing Manager for MarketingProfs, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss his priorities in his new position at the company, the nuances of running marketing for a company that targets marketers, and how he manages the many digital presences of the brand.

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Marketing for Marketers

Rob Zaleski is in charge of marketing for a company that is all about teaching people how to be marketers. Other than the MarketingProfs Twitter handle, which is run by Head of Content Ann Handley, Rob runs all of the social media and marketing endeavors for MarketingProfs. “I’m the social hub for the messages that all the units need to get out,” he says.

Rob tracks membership signups every month as his main KPI. This keeps him on top of the performances of SEO, partnerships with other companies, and social media, all of which are intertwined in the marketing strategy.

When he started the job in July, Rob began with an audit of MarketingProfs’ many social assets. His first push was to get the brand active on Google Plus, where he felt there was a potential audience of marketers they just weren’t reaching on other platforms.

MarketingProfs B2B Content MarketingHe was right. Even though MarketingProfs still has a significantly smaller audience on Google Plus, this audience has been much more engaged right from the start. The posts there don’t necessarily generate as many clicks through to the site, but they do generate great conversations.

Similarly, Rob runs two MarketingProfs LinkedIn groups. One is exclusively for MarketingProfs Pro members, and the other is open to anyone who wants to join. After Twitter, LinkedIn is the biggest generator of traffic for the MarketingProfs site, and Rob credits the constructive dialogue in the Pro group with a lot of the retention of Pro customers.

Social Media Number of the Week: 11

Despite the extra shopping hours and usual Black Friday promotions, Thanksgiving weekend sales dropped 11% this year. Retailers saw $50.9 billion in sales over the long weekend, down from $57.4 billion last year. This accounts for online sales over that weekend in addition to in-store sales, although it doesn’t include sales from Cyber Monday.

In a poll of 1,001 United States consumers, 50% of respondents said stores should not be open for extended hours on Thanksgiving Day. This poll doesn’t go into depth about which stores and what “all day” might mean, which may have influenced the answers.

It will be interesting to see whether sales only dropped for Black Friday while the rest of the season stays about the same as prior years, or if this shopping season will be more subdued as a whole.

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