How Priceline Uses Instagram to Build Fan Engagement

Karianne Stinson, a third-generation travel agent that has become the social voice for, shares her secret of successfully using Instagram to re-imagine Priceline’s relationship with their community while quadrupling their followers.

In This Episode:

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Karianne Stinson - InstagramINSTAnt Fans

By utilizing a combination of corporate social placement with Instagram, conversational contests with travelers and influencers, and employing the help of an agency on targeted campaigns, Karianne has started her community talking about and sharing their rockstar experiences with Priceline. This has given her the opportunity to completely reframe the idea of Priceline in the minds of her consumers from “bargain basement” to “luxury on sale” while growing their social community.

She has already seen huge success on Instagram, going from 2,000 to 9,500 followers in a very short timeframe, which will aid Priceline in snagging lifetime customers of their product. It’s also given Priceline an opportunity to establish a voice outside of the “Shatner Show” and make it a more natural, casual personage.

As Karianne works to bring more social advocacy to the employee base, Priceline is positioned to become a huge corporate success in the social world.

In This Episode

  • Why establishing a community-based affinity for a brand that has elements to it other than the product itself (in this case, beyond saving money) can deepen relationships with your customers
  • How properly curated social customer care can create lifelong consumers of your product
  • Why it’s important to go beyond the photo and engage with your client on the background of the insta-moment
  • How to engage your followers effectively to be your most important brand advocates
  • While a Social Media Manager can bring teams from across the company together to work towards a common goal…it can take some hard work to get there


Quotes From This Episode

“People know us for our deals. I want to talk about other things that we can help with.” —@Karianne

“Social really is more of an earned type of communication.” —@Karianne

“It really is about building relationships. It’s about knowing what the customer’s need, want, what’s helpful to them in creating that.” —@Karianne

“Social has been kind of embedded in the fabric of the organization, with a lot of different departments working together.” —@adamcb



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