How Rewriting Your Inner Story Can Change the World

Samantha Bennett, Founder of The Organized Artist Company, joins the Business of Story Podcast to discuss setting goals, how to follow through, and how to discover your own way to find the best story for yourself and your brand.

In This Episode:

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samantha-bennett_instagramShow Up, Do The Work

In this fast-paced, multifaceted marketing world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or feel trampled by the creative competition. It’s easy to feel like you’re not creative or inventive enough. It’s easy to feel stuck.

However, taking a moment to identify your strengths and discover your own system can help you rediscover your confidence and produce more freely.

Samantha Bennett reminds us that your personal creativity will develop or express itself unlike anyone else because it is unique to you. Allowing for an inner change and for your particular process to emerge can change the entire world around you.

Samantha will talk about her journey through professional acting to starting her company, ways to organize and inspire your creativity, how to find your own process, and why it’s so important to let your feelings be heard.

In This Episode

  • Why we each have our own unique process of creativity
  • How to listen to yourself and discover what path is best for you
  • Why the feeling of being overwhelmed is a choice, and how to let it go
  • How to enjoy each moment and let your career develop organically
  • Why changing your inner story can change the world
  • How to create a more specific and fulfilling story for your brand


Quotes From This Episode

“By making little shifts, little changes, you can change your whole trajectory.”  —@OrgArtCo

“The only thing that ever changed the world is a new story.” —@OrgArtCo

“Feelings just want to be felt. And once a feeling knows it’s been felt it can get promoted and get a better job. But also once it’s out of your head a little bit you can start to get some perspective on it.” —@OrgArtCo

“There is this conventional wisdom that says you should just focus on one thing.That that is how you get successful is to focus on one thing. I think that people who like to focus on one thing should focus on one thing. And those of us who like to focus on three to five things should focus on three to five things. Look at what works for you.” —@OrgArtCo

“Sometimes completion is overrated. Not everything has to get finished.” —@OrgArtCo

“Art explains our feeling to us. The more the work can be done, the connected we become the healthier and more whole we become.” —@OrgArtCo

“Success feels like owning who you are and what you do.” —@OrgArtCo

“Remember that overwhelm is a choice. It’s a feeling that comes upon us when we can’t decide what’s important. Stay connect to your priorities.” @OrgArtCo


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