How Square uses Social to Tell Local Stories and Win National Awards

How Square uses Social to Tell Local Stories and Win National Awards

Nick Dimichino, the Social Media Lead at Square, is our guest on this episode of the Social Pros Podcast, where we talk about how brands can use simple technology to capture and share customer stories on social media.

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Tell Customer Stories on SocialHow Square uses Social to Tell Local Stories and Win National Awards

Everyone has a story to tell and sharing customer stories with the world is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to market your brand on social media. But how can you share customer stories in a world where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to interview customers?

Nick Dimichino, the Social Media Lead at Square, has found new and innovative ways to share customer stories. He has created a unique voicemail line that sellers can call and leave their stories, many of which are incredibly powerful and moving to listen to. Square has helped revolutionize businesses and because of this, they have no issue finding new storytelling opportunities.

Nick shares how he and his team find new stories to share on social, which has helped the company build an unbreakable reputation, gain recognition and win national awards.

In This Episode:

  • 03:26 – How the Square social media team is structured
  • 05:54 – Nick shares his thoughts on how Square implemented social in the earlier days
  • 13:25 – How Square conveys customer stories on social media
  • 17:41 – How to find new customer stories during the pandemic
  • 25:54 – How the way that Square communicates with their audience has pivoted since COVID-19
  • 31:24 – Nick discusses the campaign around businesses in Flint
  • 37:55 – How Nick got his senior leaders on board for the campaign

Quotes From This Episode:

The concept of audio is the string that is getting us through everything Click To Tweet

“We interviewed sellers over the phone, recorded those interviews and then cut them into short snippets for social” @ndimichino


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