How to Create Stories to Engage Millennials With Your Brand

Gabriella Mirabelli, Founder of Anatomy Media, joins the Business of Story Podcast to talk about media trends today, the shift in younger generations, and why story always matters.

In This Episode:

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Reaching the Young Folks

Speaking to multiple generations about your brand can be challenging. The internet and social media have fundamentally changed how customers prefer to consume their content, and the days of billboard ads as the sole advertising channel are long gone.

Thankfully, Gabriella Mirabelli is here to illustrate how to communicate with the younger generations and prove that a great story is still compelling no matter the audience. 

Gabriella discusses why great story always prevails, how the new generation prefers to consume their content, how to craft narratives that appeal to millennials, why data isn’t everything, and what the most common media trends of today.


In This Episode

  • Why a great story will always be necessary for successful marketing
  • How to draw the attention of younger generations
  • Why it’s key to create compelling content instead of just pushing your message
  • How to strengthen your brand story by breaking it down to basics
  • Why you must listen to your consumers and enable their control of content
  • How to know what data is helpful and what data to ignore


Quotes From This Episode

“Story and storytelling are always important. It’s how everybody understands the world and how we take information on in meaningful ways.” @g_mirabelli

“The ethos of the internet is about access and less about ownership.” —@g_mirabelli

“Data is important and can be helpful, but data isn’t the only thing.” @g_mirabelli

Now that everything is digital, it’s going to be a pull medium instead of a push medium.@g_mirabelli

“When you think about editorial, it’s crafting something, building something. It’s the stewing bone, the essential essence of any piece.” @g_mirabelli

“It’s not all data driven. We talk a lot about data and how important it is, and I think it is important, but I think it’s also important to remember that creativity, really that is a differentiator because everybody is going to be able to get data and churn data, but then the creativity, the edge and that, where you come up with a product and then you help shepherd and supervise and support the conversation for the people themselves to own the story.” @g_mirabelli

“Nobody says: let’s sit down and watch some commercials.” @g_mirabelli

“You’re really the steward of your brand. It’s more about enabling, listening, facilitating, being present and paying attention.” —@g_mirabelli


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