How to Create Unbeatable DIY Stories

Geeta Nadkarni, President and creator of Baby Got Booked! joins the Business of Story Podcast to reveal how you can win media coverage and develop unstoppable PR without ever hiring an agency again.

In This Episode:

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Disruptive Story Cycle

Not only is Geeta Nadkarni a fantastically disruptive force in the PR market, she is the creator and President of Baby Got Booked! and Baby Got Booked Labs, part of her suite of businesses at Geeta Nadkarni Media Inc.

Through her coaching and online classes, Geeta helps businesses and individuals identify and achieve their media and PR goals, all through good ol’ DIY mechanisms. Why pay a company to create a rolodex for you when you can do it yourself more easily, more quickly, and at a less expensive price point?

If getting booked by big media or connecting with an already existing consumer base is on your to-do list, Geeta is the one to call.

She joins the Business of Story Podcast to put her twenty-two years of experience to the test and to share the best ways to take control of your own story and make journalists, clients, partners, and mentors want more of you.

In This Episode

  • Why no small business should ever hire a PR agency
  • How business owners can craft a compelling story that piques the interest of producers, reporters, and writers
  • How to obtain fast and concrete wins
  • How to channel passion, momentum, and innovation into your stories
  • Creating stories that entertain, educate, and inform
  • How to give yourself permission to rewrite your story and live into a bigger life


Quotes From This Episode

“I am a woman and we all know about the glass ceiling. I’m an immigrant, I have an accent, I’m brown, and I’m coming off of maternity leave. Fill in the blanks with whatever stereotypes you’d like to use and I just don’t care. I don’t buy that story. That’s not a story I choose to live, so delete and rewrite. Each of us holds a Sharpie, there’s writing on the wall, and a lot of that writing has been put there by other people. You have an eraser in one hand and a Sharpie in the other, so get to work.” —@lifewithgeeta

“The biggest shift you can make is to give yourself permission to have more and to get really, really honest with yourself about what you really want.” —@lifewithgeeta

“I try to exemplify the kind of story and the kind of action that I think everyone can live, where on a daily basis they set up their lives so that they get a chance to explore the best parts of themselves and bring those parts forward because there’s plenty of room at the top.” —@lifewithgeeta

“The biggest mistake I see people make is having this misconception that media happens to other people; people who are thinner, more beautiful, more accomplished, who have better businesses, who have their lives a little bit more together than they do. Media happens to people who have good stories. Media happens to people who are passionate about what they do, who are innovative about what they do, who basically have something that they’re offering and a way to say it that makes people say, ‘Oh cool, I want to talk about this at dinner.’ ” —@lifewithgeeta

“The biggest bane of a small business’s existence is to have to compete on price, and the cure-all for that is to learn to tell a compelling story.” —@lifewithgeeta



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