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How to Delight Customers by Making the ‘Required’ Remarkable

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Love these characters! Joey and Dan break down the customer experience, uh, experience, in a fun way.

by Brief is the New Black

Such a great pair! I have followed both of these guys online for a while and was stoked that they teamed up for a podcast. The podcast is super easy to listen to and provides a lot of insight that is actionable for my work. Excited for what is to come. Thanks Joey and Dan!


Who says legal disclosures and plane rides have to be boring? Don’t pass up an opportunity to delight customers during everyday interactions.

ExperienceThis! Episode 11Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode:

  • Delta is delighting passengers with its new (totally free) in-flight entertainment streaming platform.
  • Household AI technologies may be shaping children’s development.
  • Yes, consumers do attach a monetary value to first-rate customer experience.

REQUIRED REMARKABLE: Finding the Fun in Legal Disclosures [01:21–06:48]

Rather than slap a perfunctory legal disclosure at the bottom of its marketing emails, Malaysian video-on-demand service iflix had a little fun. The result perfectly blended the necessary legalese with the brand’s approachable, humorous voice.

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If your customer can't understand it, why'd you write it that way? #CX Click To Tweet
No one wants to read a legal disclosure. 'Covering Our Butts,' however, I want to read. #CX Click To Tweet


  • Writing legal disclosures your customers can and will read actually helps your company stay on the right side of the law.
  • Just because a piece of text is legally required doesn’t mean it can’t sound like your brand.

THIS JUST HAPPENED: Delta Delights Customers with a New Approach to In-Flight Entertainment [07:03–15:06]

Delta has swapped headrest video screens for the Delta Studio app on many of its airplanes, allowing passengers to enjoy movies and media on their own devices. This new approach to in-flight entertainment appears to be a win-win for both the airline and its customers.

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Once Delta figures out they can charge for in-flight entertainment, will they? #CX Click To Tweet
Delta's #CX includes every interaction while under their care, from point A to point B. Click To Tweet


  • Delta Studio allows passengers to browse a vast library of entertainment options and enjoy streaming media on their own devices, all for free.
  • The move away from video hardware appears to be a cost-effective move for the airline.

CX PRESS: Playing Nice with Robots [15:28–25:25]

How are household AI devices shaping child development? New insights from the MIT Technology Review ponder whether technologies like Alexa and Siri are breeding laziness in today’s kids or teaching them new social rules for communicating with robots.

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What will it do to kids to have digital butlers, like Alexa, that they can boss around? #CX Click To Tweet
When robots take over the world, we want to make sure that we were the ones that were nice. #CX Click To Tweet


  • “Growing Up with Alexa” explores how household AI technology might be impacting children’s behavior and social skills.
  • Children speak to AI technologies like Alexa much more conversationally than adults do.
  • Future AI may learn to recognize tone, as well as parse confusing queries and requests.

CHECK OUT THIS NUMBER: Customers Will Pay More for Top-Notch Service [25:44–27:23]

According to research from Oracle, 86% of customers will pay more for a great customer experience. They’re willing to spend more on a company known for its consistency and reliability, rather than take a risk with a company chasing the lowest common denominator.

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86% of customers will pay more for a great customer experience. #CX Click To Tweet


  • Customers do, in fact, attach a monetary value to excellent customer experience.
  • Slashing prices won’t necessarily attract more business if your service is lacking.

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