How to Make Your Brand Story Your Customers’ Story

Mike Martin, Vice President of Operations at Brokk Inc., joins the Business of Story Podcast to discuss controlling your story, knowing your customers, and how to use stories to close that deal.

In This Episode:

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The best way to control the conversation with consumers is to ask the right questions and listen.

From there, it’s all about guiding the conversation to your brand’s solutions. An absolute expert at this is Mike Martin, VP of Operations at Brokk Inc. He has worked his way up from stock boy to truck driver to being a business driver himself as a top salesman for the automated equipment industry.

He shares his business war stories with us and illustrates the way he masterfully makes his customers’ stories work for his brand. He reminds us that there might be lots of flashy communication technologies out there, but person-to-person understanding always comes first.

Mike talks about his personal journey and vast experience in sales, the key questions he always asks potential customers, the importance of positive personality and work ethic, and how to control your brand story to get conversions.

In This Episode

  • Why listening and asking the right questions help get customers on the same page with your brand
  • Why it’s key to stay in charge of the conversation while on a sales call
  • How to use peer-to-peer conversation between current clients to help convince potential clients
  • Why everything comes back to problem-solving and connecting with your audience
  • How to better design your sales tactics for long-term results  

Quotes From This Episode

“It’s really important to transfer your story to their story.” —@brokkusa

“Once you start building a story, you’ve got to finish it, and it’s got to be good at the end. It can’t just fall flat.” —@brokkusa

“Selling is about controlling the conversation and controlling the motion of the deal. You’re the expert on the product. Stay the expert. Move that direction, and always be asking questions that are basically pointing out the features and the benefits.” —@brokkusa

“You don’t have to be a genius. You just have to work hard. You can get places in this world with a good personality and that first impression and just good common sense and making decisions. Eventually, you get to a point where you can actually start anticipating what your boss needs, and you become a valued employee, and then you can go someplace.” —@brokkusa

“I don’t care if I have 100 customers that are interested. I want four that are ready, and those are the guys that I’m going to focus on.” —@brokkusa

“Not knowing what you’re up against and the odds and not being afraid because you just don’t know any better, I think that was something.” —@brokkusa

“I’m always concentrating on what the customer is trying to get out of this.” —@brokkusa


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