How to Make Your Social Media Ideas Irresistible

How to Make Your Social Media Ideas Irresistible

Tamsen Webster, Founder and Chief Message Strategist of Find the Red Thread, joins this episode of Social Pros to talk about storytelling and problem-solving with social media.

In This Episode:

Tamsen Webster

Find The Red Thread

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Creating a Message That Answers Your Audience’s Real Questions“There’s an almost infinite number of things you can talk about with your brand, as long as you have clarity on the picture.”

What is the best way to create a message and narrative that truly resonates with your audience?

Tamsen Webster, Founder and Chief Message Strategist of Find the Red Thread, says it’s about answering their real questions.

In business, many of us think we have solutions to our audience’s problems. We try to work backward and squeeze it into our audience’s story. But Tamsen says we should take a step back.

We need to solve the problems our audience thinks it has first, even if we believe it’s something different. Tamsen is a big believer in creating a story in your marketing and social media, an idea she explores in detail in her book “Find Your Red Thread.”

In this episode of Social Pros, Tamsen shares her thoughts on making your ideas shine, why storytelling is so important, and how you can deliver real solutions that audiences want.

In This Episode:

  • 6:08 – What Tamsen means by wanting to “build the story that people would tell themselves”
  • 8:00 – How organizations often lose sight of their brand narrative
  • 9:43 – Why people resonate with the phrase “once upon a time”
  • 12:13 – What a MacGuffin is and why you always need it to pay off in the end
  • 14:27 – Why organizations need to determine who their idea is for
  • 18:44 – Why Tamsen believes you shouldn’t try to plant an idea or manipulate your audience
  • 22:27 – How to pitch an idea in an organization
  • 26:18 – Tamsen’s approach to getting a new idea in motion
  • 31:20 – How to avoid patronizing your audience with your solutions
  • 32:18 – Tamsen’s advice for social pros on how to construct your ideas
  • 34:27 – How Tamsen has changed her approach to social media
  • 40:27 – How organizations can change their messaging in the pandemic
  • 44:32 – Tamsen’s top tip for those wanting to become a social pro

Quotes From This Episode:

We can get very patronizing to our audiences…but you have to solve the problem they think they have before you can solve the problem you know they have. Click To Tweet

“If you assume there’s a deep idea, a good idea that’s got legs and can support a multi-month campaign, then you will do the work to find it.”@tamadear

“We build our cases for our products and brands, from the presumption that we’re already right. And the vast majority of people who don’t know us or haven’t been convinced yet, they’re coming at it from a really different perspective.”@tamadear


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