How to Map Your Business Goals to Story Strategy

Chris Moody, Director of Content and Social Marketing at Oracle Marketing Cloud, and Randy Frisch, Co-Founder and COO of Uberflip, join the Business of Story Podcast to reveal the strategy to fully engage your customers and map your story.

In This Episode:

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Navigating the Sea of Story

How can business leaders get their own brand story straight and then engage customers to participate in that story?

Chris Moody and Randy Frisch, co-hosts of another Convince & Convert podcast, Content Pros, pose that question in this episode of the Business of Story Podcast.

And if you haven’t considered it before, the answer may surprise you.

Self-identified as a sarcastic speaker, Chris brings his experience as a startup advisor, the VP of Marketing at Compendium, and his years as the head of Content and Social Marketing at Oracle Marketing Cloud to weigh in. Randy shares his expertise based on his experience as the Co-Founder and COO of Uberflip.

What is their main line of advice?

Strategy is key.

Identify your business goals and craft a strategy to achieve them and this will guide you directly towards the story you need to earn the trust and support of your clients and customers.

In This Episode

  • Understanding your business goals and mapping your content strategy to meet those goals
  • What a marketing cloud actually is
  • How to create specialized persona teams
  • Mastering generalization and being on top of everything that comes across your desk
  • How to better understand your audiences
  • The importance of understanding why you do what you do


Quotes From This Episode

“If we’re not authentic and genuine with our approach, it’s just kind of me making stuff up as I go and we know that only carries you so far. That will get sniffed out pretty quickly.” —@cnmoody

“People come to your website because they heard you’re the thought leader in some sort of discipline. Instead of organizing content by format, organize it by topic. Organize it by the problem that your audience may be running with.” —@randyfrisch

“The types of people we’re selling various products to are very specific. Understanding their challenges and how to deliver a story they care about is very different.” —@cnmoody

“I really can’t underscore the importance of story, whether that’s what we say on the website or how we’re presenting things to analysts and how we’re talking to our customers or how we speak to folks at events. If we can’t tell the effective story of why they should care and why we think our approach works best or as good as anything else, then we’re kind of dead in the water from the beginning.” —@cnmoody

“Make sure you arm people with stories to tell so that they can find the ones that are going to relate to your audience.” —@randyfrisch



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