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How to Use Data to Choose the Perfect Influencer

Authors: Todd Cameron Rustin Banks
Posted Under: Influence Pros Podcast
About Influence Pros Podcast:

Influence Pros is the weekly show where professionals learn about case studies and success stories in the fast-growing world of influencer and advocate marketing. Hosted by Heidi Sullivan of Cision and Julianna Vorhaus of TapInfluence, the show chronicles how B2C and B2B companies are working with online influencers and customer advocates to grow reach, engagement, and conversions. View all shows—including free downloadable resources—at

Rustin Banks, Founder and Chief Product Officer of TapInfluence, joins the Influence Pros Podcast to talk about where influencer marketing came from, how to successfully combine data and storytelling, and the importance of engagement.

Rustin Banks_InstagramIt All Has to Start Somewhere

Did Rustin Banks invent influencer marketing?
Not exactly, but he certainly was on the forefront of organizing and automating it.
As founder of TapInfluence he revolutionized the market space for influencers. He’s recently shifted from CEO to Chief Product Officer where he crunches the numbers, plays with data, and concocts the most amazing next steps for the company’s products. He believes in understanding how to read data to make the wisest choices, and is a sought after speaker and contributing author to many publications.
TapInfluence is a company that connects brands with influencers and helps you create authentic content that you can measure, get important metrics from all of your influencer marketing programs, and boost brand awareness while maximizing reach to your consumers.

In This Episode

  • Why you should look at an influencer’s audience before hiring them
  • How to use collected data to choose the best influencer for you
  • Why engagement is far more important than follower count
  • How TapInfluence became a company and what it can do for you
  • Why influencer marketing works on multiple channels


Quotes From This Episode

“In the B2C space, we are going to see a convergence of the terms content marketing and influencer marketing and even advocate marketing.” —@rustinb
“Influence happens on so many different channels. It’s not one channel to rule them all.” —@rustinb

“Instead of choosing an influencer who looks like your target customer, be more broad, let’s show you the data on their audience and pick an influencer whose audience matches your target audience.” —@rustinb

“We’re always comparing our influencer marketing programs on various metrics like cost per engagement to those celebrity programs and we can find out how much they paid those celebrities. Sure they get great engagement, but they also had to a couple million dollars to get that celebrity onboard.” @rustinb
“I define an influencer as someone who has a following of people they don’t know. They’re leading a topic.” —@rustinb
“I can tell you that the food vertical is just a knockout grand slam in the influencer marketing space. If you’re involved in a food brand and you’re listening to this podcast and influencer marketing is not your number one marketing spend then you’re in trouble, to be honest.” @rustinb



Would You Rather

Would you rather not be able to stop dancing, or not be able to stop singing?
That’s a fantastic question. I will tell you that I have been given many gifts in this life and dancing and singing are not one of them. Not either of them, I should say, have I been blessed with. I think that I would rather not be able to stop dancing. I think dancing is contagious. It’s exciting. It can get everybody moving. I think me singing would have people moving the other way.
Would you rather have a really, really muscular lower body and a normal upper body or a really, really muscular upper body but really skinny little legs?
The muscular legs. At least I could run, I could get places faster, and I could probably play sports better. So I think a little bit more practically now that I am married with three kids, I think I’d say the lower body.
Would you rather not be able to read, or not be able to speak?
This is the prisoner’s dilemma or something like that. Do I rat out Todd or do I get an extra five years in prison? I think I would rather not be able to…it was speak and read, right? I’d rather not be able to speak than read. I think I could still write. I think you can still express your ideas writing.

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