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SharpSpring Is Do-Everything Marketing Automation for Agencies

Authors: Jess Rick Carlson
Posted Under: Marketing Marvels
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This guided tour of SharpSpring’s features reveals how powerful this platform can be for small teams, and how it’s revolutionizing the way SMBs approach marketing automation.

SharpSpring - Episode ArtMarketing Marvels is back with a phenomenal demo from the folks at SharpSpring, a platform that’s revolutionizing how marketers use automation. With me is CEO Rick Carlson to walk us through just what makes SharpSpring such a powerful tool for marketing teams.
This remarkable piece of technology gives you a fully integrated platform for managing CRM and sales automation, marketing automation, email automation, campaign tracking, forms, analytics—the list is exhaustive. It’s a treasure chest of features, all of them seamlessly integrated. SharpSpring also provides all this on a uniquely affordable, month-to-month basis.
Join Rick and me for a guided tour of SharpSpring‘s best features, and see its robust capabilities for yourself.

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