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How Small Customer Experience Improvements Can Add Up

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Welcome to Experience This! where you’ll find inspiring examples of customer experience, great stories of customer service, and tips on how to make your customers love you even more. Always upbeat and definitely entertaining, customer retention expert Joey Coleman and social media expert Dan Gingiss serve as your hosts for a weekly dose of positive customer experience. This show will help you attract and keep more customers so you can grow your business, increase your profits, and have more fun in the process. A fun collection of quick-hit segments filled with deep learning and takeaways, you don’t want to miss this audio experience!

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Love these characters! Joey and Dan break down the customer experience, uh, experience, in a fun way.

by Brief is the New Black

Such a great pair! I have followed both of these guys online for a while and was stoked that they teamed up for a podcast. The podcast is super easy to listen to and provides a lot of insight that is actionable for my work. Excited for what is to come. Thanks Joey and Dan!


How small customer experience improvements can add up to big changes, why signs tell you more than just where the bathroom is, and the do’s and don’ts of return policies.

How Small Customer Experience Improvements Can Add Up

Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode:

  • How you can use small customer experience improvements to make a big impact.
  • Why L.L. Bean changed their famous return policy.
  • What office signage says about worker morale.
  • Using customer segmentation to deal with problem customers.

CX PRESS: 1 Percent Improvement [02:07-10:20]

This week we take a look at James Clear’s article, entitled, “This Coach Improved Every Tiny Thing by 1 Percent and Here’s What Happened.” Dave Brailsford used “the aggregation of marginal gains” to help Great Britain’s professional cycling team win the Tour de France. By improving everything that they did by 1%, and those small advancements added up to big improvements. We look at how you can make small customer experiences improvements add up for your business.

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Empower your employees to make the change at the moment they notice it. #CX Click To Tweet
The secret to big success is making small customer experience improvements. #CX Click To Tweet
The British cycling team won 70% of the gold medals at the 2012 Olympic Games. #CX Click To Tweet
Companies focus on major policy shifts, but little enhancements have a huge impact. #CX Click To Tweet


  • Many companies focus on major policy shifts, but little changes can add up to have a huge impact.
  • Look for customer experience improvements that seem small but might have a compounding effect.
  • Once you make an improvement in one area, look to other areas and find ways to make incremental improvements there, too.

THIS JUST HAPPENED: L.L. Bean [10:20-19:45]

L.L. Bean is famous for its return policy, which lets you return an item at any time and for any reason. It’s been that way since the company’s founding in 1912, but they’ve had to change it because people have been taking advantage of the policy for cash. The number of returns had doubled in the last five years and was costing them $250 million. Dan and Joey discuss whether or not the company made the right move.

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It’s a shame when the behavior of the few impacts the experience of the many. #CX Click To Tweet
Consider a move to go in the right direction even if it doesn’t solve the problem. #CX Click To Tweet
I’m a big fan of firing customers that aren’t a good fit. #CX Click To Tweet
Give the majority of your customers the best deal possible but keep the gamers at bay. #CX Click To Tweet


  • Find a way to keep the people who game the system at bay while giving the vast majority of your customers the best deal possible.
  • You can fire a customer who isn’t a good fit.
  • When you need to make a sweeping policy change, consider the move that gets it going in the right direction, even if it doesn’t solve the problem.

DISSECTING THE EXPERIENCE: Restroom Signage [19:47-28:47]

Joey was at a rental car agency recently when he spotted a wall with FIVE signs pointing towards the restrooms, all on the same wall. We talk about office signage and how that sets the tone for the customer experience, and how changing it can make customer experience improvements.
How Small Customer Experience Improvements Can Add Up

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I spotted a wall with five signs pointed towards the restroom. #CX Click To Tweet
Signs can be a great asset, but they can also promote bad customer service. #CX Click To Tweet
Make sure you cover the basics to establish foundational customer experience. #CX Click To Tweet
Everything in the office contributes to the visitor experience. #CX Click To Tweet


  • Don’t assume that someone new to the building knows where everything is.
  • Everything in the office contributes to the customer experience.
  • Take a look at the layout of your space and make sure you’re communicating what you want to communicate.

CHECK OUT THIS NUMBER: 15x [28:49-31:02]

Customers with the highest likelihood to return an item are 15 times more likely than normal customers, according to research from Custora. Insights like these and more from Oracle CX.

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Customers with the highest likelihood to return an item are 15 times more likely than normal customers. #CX Click To Tweet


  • Segment your customers and figure out how to communicate to problem customers differently.

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