The Power of Social Media for Professional Services

The Power of Social Media for Professional Services

Mitch Jackson, a Senior and Partner at Jackson & Wilson, also known as “The Streaming Lawyer,” joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss the power of social media for professional services.

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The Power of Social Media for Professional Services The Power of Social Media for Professional Services

Being a powerful story-teller in court can also help you become a powerful story-teller across social media. Yet, people in professional services are often wary of posting on social media. That might not come as a surprise, but sharing knowledge on a global platform can open you up to new clients and new opportunities.

That’s what my guest this week, Mitch Jackson, trial attorney and Senior Partner at Jackson & Wilson Inc, has done. Using his court room communication skills, he has taken social media by storm.

Tune in to find out how social media can be a game-changer for professionals. We talk to Mitch about his successful social strategy and how that has transformed his career. His social media presence even led him to becoming a best-selling author and a social media and live streaming consultant. And, he also gives us tips for other lawyers and professionals looking to build their online audience.

So, if you thought all lawyers were stuffy – then you won’t want to miss the truly inspirational social media force that is Mitch Jackson.

In This Episode: 

  • 08:33 – How Mitch moved from helping on a 1:1 basis to helping a global audience
  • 10:57 – Ask your customers how they want to communicate with you
  • 15:12 – How to communication is key to building your presence on social media
  • 16:56 – How Mitch gets his content inspiration and grabs attention
  • 19:37 – How professional service firms can harness social media
  • 24:23 – Should you worry about the ROI on your social engagement?
  • 27:09 – Top 3 tips on how to communicate and create relatable content
  • 29:47 – Why consistency is so important to your content strategy
  • 30:42 – How repurposing content can save you time and reach more people
  • 34:08 – Regulations about social advertising by law firms
  • 38:30 – How future lawyers can utilize social media to build their brand
  • 40:43 – What’s next for Mitch Jackson?

Quotes From This Episode:

“Lawyers have been telling stories for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Telling a good emotional story is powerful stuff…but unless you can tell a story that motivates your audience, motivates my 12 jurors to take the intended action, it doesn’t matter.” @mitchjackson

If you’re a professional, show your human side, be strategically transparent, tell good emotional stories, create and share content that’s unique to your interests, your passions, your why. Click To Tweet

“If you’re a professional or CEO, think about having that mindset where you want to give, give and give some more…it opens you up to a lot of new opportunities that you wouldn’t normally be exposed to.”@mitchjackson



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