The Truth about Google + for Business (and Content Marketing)

Martin Shervington, Plus Your Business

Martin Shervington, Founder and Community Manager of Plus Your Business, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss the current state of Google+ in the face of a leadership shakeup, the intrinsic value of Google+ conversations, and what our listeners need to know about making the most of their Google+ engagement.

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Social Infrastructure

This week’s podcast guest, Martin Shervington, was scheduled a long time ago, but his appearance comes at a particularly appropriate time given the recent announcement about changes in Google+ leadership. The world’s foremost Google+ authority will give us his thoughts on the strangely unsubstantiated Techcrunch article that prematurely announces Google+’s demise in the wake of Vic Gundotra’s departure.

“The challenge is that those people [the authors] don’t really understand Google+ as a social destination or as a social layer.”

Google+ as a social destination is only the smallest part of its bearing as a product. But as a social layer, Google+’s potential impact extends far deeper into Google’s other products, including search engine optimization and Google authorship.

Ultimately, Google is in the content ranking business. Facebook and Twitter data is not public, so Google will continue to want its own social layer that helps with content ranking.

Martin shares some Google+ best practices ideas with us, including the an outline of the right combination of text and visuals; making sure the videos you post include a thumbnail correctly; and whether or not to embed a link in your posts. He also talks about the new Google+ integration with Google AdWords.

When people and businesses are having a conversation on Google+, that gives SEO juice to the post they’re talking about. If being a social pro is all about going where the conversations are, then it seems like Google+ is far from dead in the water.

Martin was also kind enough to put together a PDF with the basics of Google+ specifically for Social Pros listeners!

Holy Social!

Marc Jacobs is using Twitter and Instagram to find its next spokesperson. Between April 2nd and April 9th, anyone could enter by posting a photo of themselves using the hasthtag #castmeMarc.


Who will be the new face of Marc Jacobs? Crowd-sourced campaigns have been popular for a while, but they haven’t been used quite to this extent until now. Nick loves this Holy Social! because it breaks down the barriers between corporations and people.

See you next week!

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