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Why Delta Airlines is Winning with Remarkable Legal Disclosures

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Apple Podcast Reviews:

Love these characters! Joey and Dan break down the customer experience, uh, experience, in a fun way.

by Brief is the New Black

Such a great pair! I have followed both of these guys online for a while and was stoked that they teamed up for a podcast. The podcast is super easy to listen to and provides a lot of insight that is actionable for my work. Excited for what is to come. Thanks Joey and Dan!


Mandatory presentations are infamously dull. But in the right hands, it can be a customer experience opportunity. If you can make the required become remarkable, you will be positively seared in their memory forever!

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Bite-Sized Delight From the Episode:

  • When you make the required become remarkable, you actually achieve what it was that you were trying to do in the first place while being more memorable.
  • To make the biggest impact on customer experience, start with the small stuff. And don’t forget their name!
  • Cutting through spam can be as easy as a well-placed emoji.

REQUIRED REMARKABLE: Flight Safety Videos [00:58 – 08:21]

Tweetable Quotes

It's not where most people expect a remarkable experience, and yet Delta has delivered. #CX Share on X
If you add humor to the interaction, people are more likely to remember it. #CX Share on X
In your business, think about what's required and figure out a way to make it remarkable. #CX Share on X


  • Just because you have to do something, doesn’t mean you have to make it boring.
  • Adding a dose of humor can make any topic more remarkable and memorable!
  • Finding a way to take required information, such as legalese, and turn it into an interesting piece of media makes it a solid piece of educational marketing material.

I LOVE IT/CAN’T STAND IT! – Airlines [08:21 – 23:40]

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It's a tiny little thing that comes up on their screen, but it makes me feel good. #CX Share on X
The most pleasing sound to the human ear is the sound of your own name being spoken. #CX Share on X
It's the difference between me planing for a half an hour or an hour and a half. #CX Share on X
Note to companies, don't make your customers bend over. #CX Share on X
You're not being good stewards for your customers when you behave that way. #CX Share on X


  • A truly impactful customer experience starts with their name.
  • Empower the people that deal with the customers first to resolve the issue right out of the blocks.
  • Sometimes the smallest things are the largest when it comes to crafting a truly remarkable customer experience.

CX PRESS: Emojis in Email Subject Lines [23:40 – 29:53]

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Different countries and different cultures respond to Emojis in very different ways. #CX Share on X
At the end of the day, it's all human-to-human. #CX Share on X
That one email subject line that has an Emoji on it is going to catch your eye. #CX Share on X


  • Emojis in subject lines can skyrocket your open rates… just make sure to check for different cultural interpretations first.
  • In the end, it doesn’t matter if it’s B2B or B2C… it’s always humans talking to humans.
  • We all get overloaded with email, and so much of it is spam. A cleverly dropped emoji can help your message stand out from the rest.

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