Why Messaging Apps Will Make Websites Irrelevant

Peter Friedman, CEO of LiveWorld, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss the future of social media marketing and how it will all ultimately be replaced by messaging apps.

In This Episode:

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peter-friedman-instagramFrom Websites to Messaging

The future of marketing has arrived, and many people don’t even know it yet. Online interactions have evolved over time from proprietary community websites to internet community websites and finally to broad social networks. As people live and communicate online more and more, messaging apps have become an integral part of staying connected.

It helps that messaging apps communicate in a way that feels more natural and immediate than any other kind of online exchange.

Companies are looking to get in on this communication and Peter knows that the successful ones are those who fully embrace the use of messaging apps to connect with their customers. Instead of waiting for customers to come to you and then routing them through an unnatural and frustrating phone tree or wait impatiently for an email response, messaging apps allow you to get in on and direct conversations immediately. Customers walk away from these interactions feeling closer than ever to your brand.

Peter’s knowledge and experience in the fields of customer communication, messaging apps, and chat bots is unparalleled. His insight will guide forward-thinking marketers to success.

In This Episode

  • How social media leads to community value that can’t be accomplished on its own
  • Why getting closer to capturing human behavior in commerce means a focus on messaging apps over a website
  • How social and mobile media leads to marketing in minutes through customer service
  • Why the rise of social messaging apps means an explosion in customer experience management
  • How thoughtfully utilizing chat bots to complement customer service leads to a properly scaled human experience


Quotes From This Episode

“The transformative power of online dialogue and relationships is how it can enable people, companies, whatever, to create value together that they couldn’t do by themselves.” —@PeterFriedman

“Somewhere over the next five or ten years, a great deal of marketing is going to shift from: What kind of ads do we put in front of people? To: How do we manage these conversations?” —@PeterFriedman

“Not only is it rich to have all this functionality, but it actually is closer to natural human behavior.” —@PeterFriedman

“This is, if nothing else, an extraordinary multitasking generation.” —@PeterFriedman

“As we move through digital and the internet, real-time marketing as gone from a week to a few days to a few hours and now it’s going to become minutes.” —@PeterFriedman

“The principles of customer service are going to rise in the world of marketing.” —@PeterFriedman

“We’re seeing messaging as extraordinarily transformative because it enables the various companies we work for to scale the conversational patient experience.” —@PeterFriedman

“The way leverage a chat bot is to think of the customer experience as a continuum.” —@PeterFriedman

“A chatbot doesn’t have to be as perfect as you want it to be, as long it knows how to engage the human at the right point.” —@PeterFriedman

“Social media and messaging give CMOs both scale cost efficiencies and deeper, richer customer experiences.” —@PeterFriedman

“The entire business and the profit of the business comes down to the conversation between the associate and the customer. If that’s a good conversation, they come back, and if they don’t, they don’t.” —@PeterFriedman



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