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Why Trust Is the Difference Between Winning or Losing the CX Game

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Love these characters! Joey and Dan break down the customer experience, uh, experience, in a fun way.

by Brief is the New Black

Such a great pair! I have followed both of these guys online for a while and was stoked that they teamed up for a podcast. The podcast is super easy to listen to and provides a lot of insight that is actionable for my work. Excited for what is to come. Thanks Joey and Dan!


Getting your customers in the door means winning first impression, no matter the quality of the product, while getting them to come back means showing them you trust them not to steal anything.

Why Trust Is the Difference Between Winning or Losing the CX GameBite-Sized Delight From the Episode:

  • Why every interaction you have with a customer is an opportunity to both build trust and show trust with them.
  • How even the tiniest changes to the experience can drastically affect how a customer sees it.
  • Why Twitter is like a couple of people sitting around the fire having a lot of conversations while the rest of the world tunes out.

CX PRESS – Do You Trust Your Customers? [01:00 – 07:02]

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Customers want to be trusted, but too often companies don't show that trust. #CX Share on X
We're not excited about the hall monitor in a retail organization. #CX Share on X
Trust is such an important piece of the customer equation. #CX Share on X
You don't need to punish every customer you have just because of one or two bad apples. #CX Share on X


  • Sometimes the money spent protecting your merchandise can lose you more money in the end.
  • Find ways to show you trust your customer, even if it means losing a .35 cent pen or two!
  • Look at your business with a skeptical eye to see where you are accidentally belittling your customer or sending the message that you don’t trust them.
  • An offended customer is one that takes their business to those who trust them with it.

WHAT ARE YOU READING? – Mindless Eating [07:02 – 16:13]

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He was going to be persona non grata if he did not deliver them cherry jello. #CX Share on X
Our brain has already told us that we aren't going to like it. #CX Share on X


  • Descriptions can change your customer’s view of more than just the product. It can affect the entire experience from beginning to end.
  • If a customer has to close their eyes to accept that it’s good, you need to change it.
  • The same thing presented two different ways is two different things to a customer.

AGREE TO DISAGREE – Twitter [16:13 – 27:11]

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I think twitter is changing and not for the better. #CX Share on X
If Twitter is dying, it is because it hasn't figured out how to monetize. #CX Share on X
Sometimes the rumor of your demise can accelerate your demise. #CX Share on X
Twitter remains unique because it is still the place for real-time events. #CX Share on X
Somebody tweets and it must be true, and the tweet itself becomes news. #CX Share on X
The question of whether Twitter stays alive ultimately will be an economic question. #CX Share on X


  • Rumors about your company’s fate can, if you’re not careful, fulfill their own prophecy.
  • How the almighty hashtag on Twitter trumps paid social on Facebook.
  • Sometimes the difference between you and the competition is an algorithm.

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