How a Theoretical Physicist Became a Big Company Social Media Manager

Andrew Spoeth, Director of Digital Marketing at CA Technologies, joins the Social Pros Podcast to share how a simple framework for social strategy can drive lead generation and sales opportunities.

In This Episode:

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andrew-spoeth-instagramThe Content Lifecycle

A B2B software organization seems an odd fit for a social media marketing campaign. But just like B2C companies, they can benefit from connecting with their enterprise customers on a more personal, humanistic level.

However juggling multiple channels, engaging different personas, curating meaningful content, and selling the efficacy of it all to management is a universal struggle to all social pros. Andrew’s background in sales provided him with experience in meeting the relentless commitment to customer satisfaction that comes with the territory. Combined with his background in science and music, Andrew knows how to unite a diverse team to seek out and engage consumers, managers, and staff across platforms.

He’s learned that not all pieces of a social campaign need to be overly complicated. A simple pyramid with four levels can collect the measurable KPI required for management buy-in. Creating a single lifecycle for each major piece of content is not only logistically helpful but drives overall campaign strategy and ensures efficiency throughout the organization. Focusing on maximizing amplification instead of curation will make your good content last longer and go farther.

These are but a few of the great tips and tricks Andrew shares that have helped him build a measurable, successful, and stable social plan for his enterprise products.

In This Episode

  • How a simple pyramid leads to measurable social KPI and management buy-in
  • Why launching a career in social means establishing a foundation of resilience, communication, and a right/left brain balance
  • How Twitter polls lead to conversation and customer engagement
  • Why driving your social content and engagement means pushing amplification
  • How mapping out the life of social content leads to being more collaborative and selective across the organization


Quotes From This Episode

“We wanted to find a way to bridge the question the CFO or CMO would have in terms of turning lead generation into sales dollars.” —@andrewspoeth

“A framework simplified our definition of success and led to more focus.” —@andrewspoeth

“If our content is something worth remarking about, it will be shared, and some of those will convert into known leads.” —@andrewspoeth

“You need to be resilient. You need to be an excellent communicator. But you also need to stay grounded and know what you need to be focused on and how you’re serving the company.” —@andrewspoeth

Video is the densest when it comes to the quantity of information you can relay but is often the most expensive.” —@andrewspoeth

“It’s really about bringing together the individual complementary strengths of a team.” —@andrewspoeth

“The platform is less important than the behavior.” —@jaybaer

“We defined a video lifecycle.” —@andrewspoeth

“When it comes to content curation on Facebook, we tend to focus on what we believe in, our mission, how we’re helping the community, and what drives us.” —@andrewspoeth

“We are trying to get smarter when it comes to geo- and role-targeting so we can layer more content on one company page.” —@andrewspoeth



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