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3 Smart Resources That Help with Influencer Marketing

Authors: Jay Baer Jay Baer
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Content marketing is hard, and it’s getting harder, for three reasons:

1. More competition
With 70% of companies creating more content than ever in 2016, the glut of content inherently makes it more difficult to get noticed.

2. Organic reach is nearly gone
Most brands relied at least in part on organic social media posts to drive content consumption. With the free lunch just about over in social media, new avenues for awareness-generation must be embraced.

3. Watching instead of reading
Spurred on by social platforms who benefit if the standard “unit of content” becomes short video rather than a Web page (which benefits Google), everyone seems to be all-in on video, which requires retraining and reconfiguration of content marketing processes.

Amidst these content marketing trials and tribulations, many brands are turning to influencer marketing as the way forward. And for good reason. Done well, influencer marketing creates awareness, reach, and content consumption. It also has the benefit of being more trustworthy than most brand-produced marketing.

But it’s still relatively early days in the field of influencer marketing. What works? What doesn’t work? What are the rules? The best practices? The norms? The pitfalls?

The Source for Influencer Marketing How-To

To clarify some of the confusion around influencer marketing, software companies and agencies and consultants are creating educational resources in multiple channels. Here are three I recommend, two of which are produced by my team at Convince & Convert Media, and one boffo collection created by our partners at Insightpool (which I also use for influencer marketing myself—here’s a post showing how I do it).

1. Influence Pros Podcast

InfluencePros-logo-tagWe produce a funny, topical, informative and timely podcast every week called Influence Pros. The show is co-hosted by Heidi Sullivan from Cision and Juliana Vorhaus from TapInfluence.

They interview leading influencers, agencies, brands, and other people from the world of influencer marketing, shining a spotlight on successes. A great weekly listen to learn more about how influencer and advocate marketing works.

Here’s a good episode to try: How to Use Micro-Influencers to Create Big Engagement

The home page for the show is at and you can subscribe to all episodes on iTunes or similar.

2. Insightpool’s Age of Influence collection

age-of-influence-banner-5This is so smart. Insightpool partnered with several other marketing software companies to create The Age of Influence Series, an entire catalog of webinars, white papers, videos and Q&As about influencer marketing.

They’ve done a great job of creating content about all sides of the eco-system. For example, from the main landing page hub of the Age of Influence series you can find:

Webinar – “The Science Behind Influencer Marketing”

Q&A – “Throw the Right Punch with Influencer Marketing” (featuring #realtalk from Shanda Maloney, formerly head of social for UFC)

eBook – “Master Influencer Marketing Done Right”

AND, this library grows every week. Upcoming Q&A sessions with Hootsuite, video series on earned vs. paid influencer marketing, and a lot more. Thanks to Insightpool for creating this resource, and continuing to add to it.

3. Definitive Daily Digest archives

d285ee08-407b-4a2e-a238-136d2e5d00e4Four times each week, my team publishes our email update known as “Definitive”—it’s been called by many subscribers “the most useful marketing email in the world.”


Because instead of covering the day’s news in social/content/influencer marketing, we pick ONE topic each day and tell readers the three most useful resources about that topic from all corners of the Internet.

This year, we’ve covered influencer marketing topics several times. To catch up on the resources we’ve curated for Definitive readers, visit the archives:

Content Marketing archives

Digital Marketing archives

And if you don’t subscribe to Definitive, let’s get that fixed! Scroll down, provide your email, and you’re all set. Or just visit this link.

We’ll be producing more content about influencer marketing in 2017, as I fully expect it to continue to be a very important part of the content marketing amplification story. Until then, spend some time with Influence Pros, The Age of Influence series, and the Definitive archives.

Have some other ideas of great influencer marketing resources? Leave them in the comments, please!

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