Creating an Authentic Brand Story at Swiftpage

H. John Oechsle, President and CEO of Swiftpage, joins the Business of Story Podcast to share his expertise on creating team mentality and living your brand story.

In This Episode:

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Living Brand Story

H. John Oechsle has built an incredibly successful career by nurturing brand culture through the stories he crafts and shares with his team.

He engineers opportunities for his team members to live their true brand story, creating an authentic and personable brand identity that both customers and employees want to be a part of.

As the President and CEO of Swiftpage, John has brought together a trio of companies that offer customer relationship management software: Act!, Sw!ftpage, and Saleslog!x. These three companies fuel the growth of solopreneurs and small businesses.

The key to their success? The brand story that has created a specific identity and community that Swiftpage Nation and its employees, Swifties, can live every day.

In This Episode

  • The three pillars of successful leadership
  • The challenges that every small business faces and how to overcome them
  • How Swiftpage “lives the exclamation”
  • Crafting your unique company culture
  • Finding your company compass and values
  • How business storytelling can see you through dynamic change


Quotes From This Episode

“I try and know everybody. We’re all hugging and high-fiving each other. The people do matter.” —@hjoech

“People like to interact and people like to hear stories. As we continue to evolve, we have to be really, really careful that business doesn’t become so automated that we lose touch.” —@hjoech

“One dimension of leadership is team. You’ve got to create this environment where a team can come together.” —@hjoech 

“When you get to a smaller company, you can know everybody, and everybody can know you. And then everybody knows exactly what it is that we’re trying to do. That becomes powerful.” —@hjoech

“Keep it simple. That’s why I love stories. Stories keep things simple because we can get really technical, but if you can tell a crisp, clear story, your customers will really appreciate that and they’ll stay with you.” —@hjoech



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