How LensCrafters Uses Frame Candy to Excite You in Social

Nick Gilham, Senior Manager of Social Media at LensCrafters, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss how social is expanding their consumer base while reengaging customers between purchases.

In This Episode:

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nick-gilham-instagramKeep Your Eyes on the Prize

The average eyeglasses consumer gets new frames and lenses only once every 1-2 years. With that length of time between purchases, it’s easy for them to forget who they went to, why, and what they purchased. In this long-tail market, keeping top-of-mind awareness is instrumental for the business to succeed.

LensCrafters has found a way to both stay in front of their existing customers AND draw new ones with a thoughtful and engaging social media strategy. Nick’s primary vehicle to maintain this top of mind status is to employ captivating yet simple visuals that get folks excited about a great pair of stylish new frames and the eye exam that gets them there.

With a concerted, centralized effort on multiple channels, this strategy has consistently achieved positive ROI and had a positive impact on the bottom line. LensCrafters has an expansion plan that is set to increase locations by 50%, so Nick’s insight into consumer behavior is clearly paying off.

In This Episode

  • How listening to the needs of your customer and your business leads to a shift in positioning
  • Why centralizing your messaging means centralizing your social
  • How visuals for infrequent purchases lead to top of mind awareness
  • Why drawing millennials means investing in positive thinking and actions
  • How online chatter informs product launches and development


Quotes From This Episode

“We are on Facebook because that is where our customers are.” —@NickGilham

“We really want to centralize messaging and come to the market with single cohesive marketing messages.” —@NickGilham

“We know through marketing mix modeling analysis that social has a positive impact on our bottom line and has a positive ROI.” —@NickGilham

“One of the key insights we have about millennials is they want to work with a company that has a social conscience and is all about positive messaging.” —@NickGilham

“We have in the past year started to do some testing integrating CRM data into social and especially on Facebook it’s been incredibly effective at driving those online to offline sales.” —@NickGilham

“A lot of our focus is on generating new customers and bringing people into the family that aren’t those core customers.” —@NickGilham

“Instagram is one of the key places where organic might not be dead. ” —@NickGilham

“I’m constantly working with our product procurement team to advise them on the things that are really working in social for us.” —@NickGilham

We used a lot of listening to how the chatter was playing out on Twitter and other platforms to help decide whether to launch that product and to how to position it.” —@NickGilham



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