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How to Inspire Customers to Tell Your Brand Story

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Welcome to the Business of Story podcast, where the world’s best storytellers from business, Hollywood, and beyond teach you how to use stories to communicate and connect with your customers. While technology has given us all global reach with our messages, it’s still the ancient bewitchery of storytelling that connects us with one another. You will learn from some of the brightest content creators, advertising creatives, authors, professors, makers, marketers, and brand raconteurs in the business. Within every show you will learn at least one actionable tip that will make your stories more engaging, and help you advance your personal or professional quest further, faster.

Apple Podcast Reviews:

A lot of great information about story telling. It is hard to pick one episode, they are all good!


I recently came across Park Howell's excellent podcast. I love how he weaves in his personal stories with the interviews of his guests. If you are involved with sales or marketing for your business definitely check out this show.


Michael Stelzner, Founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner, joins the Business of Story Podcast to talk about why creating fantastic events builds your brand’s story, the future of algorithms, and the importance of having your own digital home ground.

michael-stelzner_instagramBe a Story Maker

Imagine your consumers being so genuinely excited about your upcoming event that they are tweeting and talking about it a full year ahead of time.
You can absolutely achieve this. Michael Stelzner, the Founder and CEO at Social Media Examiner, has fine-tuned the art of putting on fantastic events that draw eager crowds and lots of media and consumer coverage. He’s all about connection, early engagement, and crafting memorable experiences for his consumers.
When you build excitement, value, and provide the space for sharing, consumers can quickly become brand advocates.
Michael also chats with us about setting up opportunities for organic growth, grabbing engagement early, the importance of exceeding expectations, the struggle against algorithms, the growing value of micro-niche markets, and how to create your own fun.
And Michael says it best himself, “I just knew that if we could create an incredible experience that exceeds people’s expectation for networking, for the content itself, and for the fun component, they would just be talking about it constantly.”

In This Episode

  • Why excitement can be such a valuable tool for a marketer
  • How to create an environment for sharing your brand story easily
  • Why exceeding consumer expectations is essential to ‘wow’ them
  • How to plan and get around constantly tightening algorithms
  • Why starting consumer engagement early is key to creating buzz
  • How to set up a solid digital home base to communicate to your consumers


Quotes From This Episode

“I think we’re going to see a rebirth of content, the creation of content.” —@Mike_Stelzner
“Part of what you want to try to do is wow people. You want to kind of exceed expectations.” —@Mike_Stelzner
“We’re not going to worry so much about the number of fans we have. We’re going to worry about how many customers we have.” —@Mike_Stelzner

“I’ve got to tell you, this is something that anybody that’s selling anything that has any level of excitement for their customers can do. Because after someone’s finally decided to make a purchase, they’re generally pretty pumped that they’re going to be attending or receiving something. It’s at that moment that you can just simply share your excitement. We use Click to Tweet and we just have a simple little tweet they craft.” —@Mike_Stelzner

“The thing that mattered the most—what I discovered the most—if you’re trying to sell an event, [is that] there’s no better way to sell an event than to activate the people at the event to help evangelize the next event.” —@Mike_Stelzner
“Those that decide to play ball in the early days can be quite successful, but it’s not a sustainable long-term plan. That’s why having a podcast that is ultimately fed from your website and having a blog that is fed from your website and having video that is on your own website area all things that you can control. Instead of going for big numbers, I think we’re going to see a lot of marketers going for the smaller, micro-niche communities.” —@Mike_Stelzner


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