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How to Make Amazing Videos to Tell Your Brand Story

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About The Business of Story Podcast:

Welcome to the Business of Story podcast, where the world’s best storytellers from business, Hollywood, and beyond teach you how to use stories to communicate and connect with your customers. While technology has given us all global reach with our messages, it’s still the ancient bewitchery of storytelling that connects us with one another. You will learn from some of the brightest content creators, advertising creatives, authors, professors, makers, marketers, and brand raconteurs in the business. Within every show you will learn at least one actionable tip that will make your stories more engaging, and help you advance your personal or professional quest further, faster.

Apple Podcast Reviews:

A lot of great information about story telling. It is hard to pick one episode, they are all good!


I recently came across Park Howell's excellent podcast. I love how he weaves in his personal stories with the interviews of his guests. If you are involved with sales or marketing for your business definitely check out this show.


Julian Mather, Founder of Tailor Made Career, joins the Business of Story Podcast to discuss three-act structure, how he went from sniper to filmmaker, and shares tips on how to get great video with your smartphone.

Video is the language of the future onlineAge Is Just a Number

Many of us have spent tedious hours and even years building a career with one particular focus, only to realize that our priorities change and this one realm might not serve us as we continue on our life’s journey.
But the fear of letting go—or the feeling that we will waste our accumulated work by moving on—stops us from finding more fulfillment in our next chapter.
Julian Mather is here to tell us that shifting your career at any age is possible and actually honors your past work. You have built up priceless experience and you can learn to leverage that expertise to tailor make your new endeavor.
Among his many talents, Julian is a master filmmaker and shares with us the secret to making incredible videos that don’t cost an arm and a leg.
Julian talks about how he pivoted from being a sniper in the army to a photojournalist to a magician to a career specialist, the simple three-act structure that never lets you down, and how to create high-quality videos with just your iPhone and other homemade devices.

In This Episode

  • Why it’s so important to be able to let go in order to get to your next chapter
  • How to completely recreate yourself at any stage of your career
  • Why the basic three-act structure it inherent in all storytelling
  • How to simply and effectively create amazing videos with just your iPhone
  • How to use video testimonials from existing clients to expand your business


Quotes From This Episode

“I learned to read between the lines because that’s where you find the true secrets.”  —@JulianMather
“It’s incredibly important to be able to let go because it’s only when you let go that you can start the fresh chapter in your life.”@JulianMather

“Look, it’s just classic. I use nothing special. But it’s an introduction, introduce the characters, create a small amount of conflict, and then resolve the conflict. The old story: There’s a cat, the cat goes up the tree, someone starts throwing stones at the cat, the fireman comes along and gets the cat down, and it’s a happy ending. I don’t use anything special, but the three-act story structure is what we used in television a lot.” @JulianMather

“My first marketing lesson—never open a restaurant unless you’ve got a starving crowd.” —@JulianMather
“Do a test. If you get your smartphone and put it on a stack of books in front of your mouth and put your mouth just about four or five inches away for it, just use the recorder on there and hit the record button and do a little test. Listen back through a set of headphones. You’re going to hear that that audio, that microphone is actually pretty darn good. The reason it sounds awful is most people hold the camera in their hand.” @JulianMather
“Number one is that if people have got something really good to say, make sure that you record it and you can see it.” —@JulianMather
“I realized that all the people making a difference were in front of the camera. And that’s where I needed to be. But I was behind the camera. The only way to be in front of the camera was to leave behind the camera. I couldn’t be in two places at once.” @JulianMather


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