How to Use Economic Storytelling to Make Your Marketing More Audacious

Stu Heinecke, President and Founder of Cartoon Link Inc., joins the Business of Story Podcast to talk about how to tell stories economically, the importance of practice, and the benefits of contact marketing.

In This Episode:

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stu-heinecke_instagramFocusing Your Outreach

There is a new type of outreach called contact marketing, and you need to know about it.

So, what on earth is it?

Stu Heinecke has coined the phrase “contact marketing” to describe his super effective way of reaching out to potential new clients to create relationships, and most importantly, business. He believes in taking the time to create extremely personal and concise messages that resonate and entice his target audience. He uses simple story techniques and his secret weapon: cartoons.

But cartoons are not the only effective tool; he encourages all marketers to investigate their own secret weapons, and he emphatically states that anyone can learn how to get results by becoming a great contact marketer.

Stu explains how he has combined his skills as a cartoonist with his love of marketing, how he created campaigns with 100% ROI, why a brief and focused message is more effective, and how every marketer can use personal touches to get that first meeting.

In This Episode

  • Why it’s more powerful to use fewer words in your outreach
  • How to craft messages for your individual audiences by understanding conflict
  • Why cartoons are so effective in getting people’s attention
  • How to use your skillset to get a meeting with a busy CEO
  • Why it’s important to understand the most essential part of your branding
  • How to come up with creative and effective ways to earn a positive ROI


Quotes From This Episode

“Cartoons are super powerful devices for marketing campaigns.” —@bystuheinecke

“Conflict is an absolutely essential component of story, and it’s always in humor as well.” —@bystuheinecke

“Contact marketing is about reaching out to the people who can make the biggest difference to the scale of your business or career.” —@bystuheinecke

“We usually don’t go tot the simplest and most pure solutions in life.” —@bystuheinecke

“There’s so much you can do, actually. Everyone I was interviewing, none of the people I interviewed were cartoonists, but they were generating these incredible results. So, there were some interesting and simple ways that you can use social media. A lot of people are using it already, but social media, the phone, email and just regular old snail mail to a small audience and create huge effects.” —@byStuHeinecke

“The audacity is the brevity.” —@bystuheinecke

“I love to compute ROI. All marketers should be computing ROI on their campaigns.” —@bystuheinecke

“When creating direct marketing campaigns, you’ve got to get people’s attention very quickly. And cartoons, you do get their attention quickly.” —@bystuheinecke


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